Does @-ting in comments a name that contains a space work?

@Martin Do I need to do anything special to tag someone who has a space in their names or just leave it as reply puts it. BTW thanks for all the improvements!

You mean when replying to a comment? Right now, there is no mechanism to do anything with the @-tag yet. It’s just text as for now. I actually thought about auto-converting it into a link, but I didn’t do that right now, maybe later.

So the answer is: No, it does not matter :slight_smile:

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Oh, and good that you’re back :slight_smile:

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I thought it was alerting the user that they received a reply to their comment.

No, that’s done by clicking the correct “Reply”-Button. The @-tag is not used for that.

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Oh great, so they are notified when we use the reply button. Fantastic!

Yep, if they’re using an account and a valid email address!

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Since you’re listening Martin, I have a question about contributions to GSS. When you first switched from Patreon to Sponsus, the amount indicated that you had met only about 75% of the costs. Lately that has jumped to 94%. Have that many people begun to contribute, or have you lowered your expectations?

Lately, we had a number of new Sponsors, so yes, the actual amount has increased. That was one of the requirements to make it possible to add new sites, because I need to add additional servers for that. So that’s a very good thing.

The current amount allows me to add at least one site, and hopefully, each site will also add some sponsors, so in the end we can open site after site.

Having said that, I still need a vacation to implement the necessary code changes required to make it possible to host more than one site.

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