Emailed summary

This is about a possible, but minor, bug.

I noticed this note at the bottom of an email from GKS that I got today (8/3/23):

This summary is sent from GSS when we haven’t seen you in a while. Change your email settings, or click (link) to unsubscribe.

I had been off the site for about 3 months but was on again about a week ago (7/27/23). I’m just letting you know in case there’s a bug in detecting absences, though it’s not a big problem really.

Thanks for all your hard work. Really like the site.

Thank you ZMan,

the mail is sent by the forum software, not the main site software. So even though the text is a bit confusing, it is actually correct, if you haven’t checked the forum since your last return.

You can turn off that message if it bothers you, of course.

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