Feature Request: A separate rating stats page for authors

Currently to see the rating stats on your story, you have to go to each chapter and look at them individually. It would be great if all the stats for every chapter, and every story, could be seen on one page at once. I was thinking maybe on the author’s profile page seen by the author alone. Whilst comments are the most important to me to motivate me, it is good to see how many likes I’ve had for a story, how many views and what score in each of the categories my stories have garnered.

Thanks, I love how much you work to accommodate us entitled authors.



This would be amazing!

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For stories, it would also be interesting to see an aggregate score as well as how each chapter did compared to that score. In other words, which chapters people liked more for each different rating.

It probably wouldn’t need the month/year/overall rankings compared to others, since that would require extra stats to be kept and would probably be less meaningful, since stories with two chapters would be compared against those with ten or twenty.


would it though?

I mean, what different would it make? would you fundamentally change chapters in order to improve scores of individual chapters?
Surelu any one chapter’s ‘performance’ doesn’t matter compared to how good the series is?

Like, is sounds to me like an invitation ‘micro-criticise’ yourself and your work in ways that barely matters anyways.

It’s more for future reference to see what chapters got more interest. Similarly, you could use it to see if other people agreed that chapters were as good/bad as you thought they were compared to the rest of the story. That doesn’t mean that every chapter has to knock it out of the park, but I think it’d be very helpful to see if, for example, a non-sex chapter did well enough on “Idea” and “Writing” to make it worth writing more of in the future. On the flip side, they can help you to see if your sex scenes are as hot as you thought they were or if a lot of people are turned off by a certain activity.

Would it help very much? I have a feeling if you wrote non-erotic chapters they are unlikely to get much in the way of ratings as the scoring system is geared towards erotic elements. The only relevant category would be writing.

I’d find it useful…like I said, the “Idea” category would also be relevant for some. One of my few non-erotic chapters had one person complaining about it early on, then half a dozen people jumped on the poor guy to defend it as a great character-development chapter.

But that’s only one example of where inter-chapter comparison would be helpful. It could also be looked at in terms of how well people like the direction of your story…do they like where it’s going? For me, that’s less likely to be a big factor, but in conjunction with the comments, it might encourage me to tweak things as I go along.

I imagine some authors will get a lot of out this sort of thing while others won’t. It really depends on who you are and what you write, I think.

I do like the idea myself (I’m a stats nerd) so I probably implement something along with this idea. It will be up to the author if he ever looks at that statistics :slight_smile:

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