Feature Request: Curated Stories: Show if a story is part of a collection

It would be nice to know if a story has been included in a collection! This could either be private to authors or shown on a story page.

I also think it would be nice if you got an email notification when your story was included (or removed, I guess) from a collection.


I agree it’d be a nice feature! Hmm, maybe something on an author’s profile that shows a list of “Curated Lists Featuring This Author” or something like that…? And authors could have the option to make that list visible to other people, or make it private and only visible to them…

I’m thinking mostly about the trickiness where some of the existing Curated Lists are set to private—usually it’s because it’s someone’s To Read list, or their Favorite Stories list, where the reader is only collecting it for themselves. So an e-mail notification might be tricky to set up, since we wouldn’t want authors getting pinged about private Lists that they can’t see themselves… But having it all listed on one’s author profile might be neat.

To be fair, I also figure we might not get updates to the Lists for a while, since Corin is taking a much-needed break from being active in managing and coding the site for now. :sweat_smile: But there’s no harm in brainstorming ideas for how to improve on a feature, I think!

And I like this idea too. Whenever Lists get updated again in the future, I think it’d be a nice feature to implement… :eyes:


Whoops amnesia moment.

the post I’m editing over was a total brain fart.