Feature Request: Let Authors see who has 'liked' their stories [implemented]

I was wondering if it would be possible to allow authors to see privately the list of users who has ‘liked’ (‘Add to Favourites’ button) their stories? Currently, when we go into a particular story page, on the rating dashboard we could only see the number of :+1: but we don’t know who actually added that story to their favourites. Like on other social medias (IG, Twitter, …), I think it would be interesting for authors to get a sense of who are the usual users that enjoy their stories, and see which types of their stories get more popular with some users. I think it helps authors understand who their usual fans are, but also to understand what their fans enjoy more or less.

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That could be done easily, but before I implement it, I’d like to ask if anyone would have any privacy concerns with such a feature?

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Ok, I’ve just decided to implement this, as it was quite easy to do.



Thanks for the quick feedback, Martin! You’re the best! :+1:

It took me a second to find it. Fellow authors – go to a story, click on the ‘favourites’ counter. The little panel that pops up now lists all the folks who favourited your story.