FeatureRequest: Read Later Button Next to Story Name [implemented]

While scrolling down the list of new stories I realized that I had forgotten about some of the ones I had meant to read but couldn’t for lack of time. Then, as if I was still in YouTube, I tried to click on an imaginary “Watch later” button only to remember that this was actually not YouTube and there was no such a thing.

That said, I think it’d be great and useful to have a button next to the story names that could put them directly on the bookmarked list. A button with a “Read it Later” or “Save for reads” or something along that. That way we could have a cloud of pre-selected stories to munch when we roar in hunger for some good MC.

And if this was to get a Yes, which I hope it does, would we need a different space for this “Future Reads”? Just so that they don’t get mixed with the stories we meant to finish but we couldn’t. Or maybe the already existent colorful read% on the Bookmarked section would be enough of a distinction?

Hit the hollow Heart for your support to this feature :blush:


So actually you want an “add bookmark” button in the story list?`

I already use the bookmark for the purpose you describe (as a matter of fact, it was the reason to add it in the first place), but right now you always have to open the story to set the bookmark. That’s keeping your from using it that way?

I think so, yes. As simple as it is, it hadn’t even occurred to me that I could save stories for later until that moment of insight. It hadn’t crossed my mind that the bookmark could be used for that either. All the stories I’ve got there are either unfinished or things that I added by mistake with the automatic bookmark function.

I think that having the button discreetly placed next to the tittle of the story in the main page list could encourage the use of that feature all while helping readers to never forget about stories that piqued their interest at some point.

Ok, I can do that. In fact, the only reason I haven’t done this so far is that I think that the list view is already overblown with stuff.

But I see why people want that and I’ve been missing an easy way to set a bookmark from the listview myself, too.


Thank you Martin! :smiley: Maybe something simple, not too flashy, could do the trick without adding too much weight to the number of elements in the list view. Gmail uses a hollow star, for instance, to easily mark and save e-mails. Maybe something like that but using the symbol you already use for bookmarks?


I’ve added this feature. There is now a green bookmark icon next to each story’s title (in all of the lists) which allows you to bookmark that story for later reading.


I just saw it! Thank you so much! This is gonna be so convenient! :heart: