FeatureRequest: Search filter of number of words

Hello, thanks for opening this space for requests!
Can we add a filter based on the number of words?
For example: I want to search for stories with ‘hypnosis’ tag AND without ‘latex’ tag AND with more than 5000 words.
This feature should be helpful for those who prefer long/short stories.



As I read the web site on a mobile phone in bed, it would cut down with all the zooming I have to do to read word counts on my small screen. I like the “longer” stories better :wink:

I think this request would need to be the simple method for multiple linked chapter stories the filtering is on size of each chapter
eg a story with 2 chapters:
ch 1 'Making Weight' by Pressuregauge - Gay Spiral Stories 2771 words
ch 2 'Making Weight Chapter 2' by Pressuregauge - Gay Spiral Stories 3072 words
filter more than 3000 words gets you ch2 in result so just jump to ch1 from ch2 result

It would be difficult to return both chapters as results for a filter set to more than 5000 (total story being 5843 words adding all chapters together). Let’s not even mention community stories (multi-pathed) eg. A Game of Ass Assassin - Gay Spiral Stories

@wang - thoughts?

I wasn’t aware that the word count is too small to be read on mobile phones.

You can try other themes. Like “Cerulean”, “Minty” or “Spacelab”, which should improve the readability. Do you know how to switch the theme (see the menu, item “Themes”)?

Your issues with the word count is valid. It’s also technically not that easy to do, as the word count is not stored in the database yet, so I can’t just filter for that easily. I’d have to extend the database and then go through all stories and count them once…

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Martin, I think we discussed this in the Discord, but one option (once the counts are actually stored in the database) is to have tags for “short,” long, and “very long” applied upon publishing. I’m not sure if you have an auto-tag system like that or if it even can be implemented, but given how flexible the tag system is I feel like I have to offer that as a potential solution if it’s technically easier for you. Not sure where the “buckets” should be on that but if you ask in the discord I’m sure we have a bunch of technically savvy people who could help on that one.

That’s actually not a bad idea. But I’d still have to retroactively tag all existing stories. And also, “short”, “long” and “very long” are very subjective :slight_smile:

Oh for sure - if you ever want someone to slice and dice the data to figure out the best places to cut it, let me know!