First Time Writer/Poster Seeking Feedback on Story Intro

Hi guys, long time reader first time writer looking for some input on the first part of my story. While I do think that what I’ve written so far is good and does a good job of introducing the characters, conflict, and setting I feel that the first three paragraphs kind of drags on a bit but I’m not sure how to fix it, or if I’m just over thinking my writing again and it doesn’t actually need fixing. Other than that any feedback, positive or negative, would be very appreciated.

Here’s the google doc link:

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When I clicked it, the page said I would have to request access.

I was gonna say it’d nearly be faster/easier to post the text here, in a post window, or,
Use the GKS submission form itself to hold the work.

The GKS submission process is very robust, you can begin the process of submission, with — for example — an early draft of the story, like what you have above, GKS will hold it, unpublished until further down the road when you’re ready to publish the finished thing.

The reason I say this is, GKS also has a kind of “editor/proofreader” link you can send people, and it dodges the whole requesting access business Google Docs likes so much.

In short, you could begin submitting what you’ve written so far to GKS, but not publish it, just keep it as a work-in-progress on your account on the site, then we (admin, proofreaders, or indeed anyone really) can be sent the work by you giving them the “Proofreader’s link.”