Forced masculinization

Does anyone know stories about forced masculinization of a girly guy (realistic way)? Like the guy being putting in a forced workout routine for muscle growth, head shaves etc. and to be forced in manly stuff in general, like smoking cigars, then his behaviour change after a time…

I only find stories with the opposite fetish: forced feminization.


They do exist, but with some caveats. Usually they’re instantanous transformations or take place during an accelerated period of time. You’re also less likely to find ones about fem or flambouyant guys and more about “average” guys. Plus they range from becoming a frat bro to a military man, to a leather daddy so its a much wider category.

The biggest issue i think is that they’re much more likely to veer into homophobic stereotypes or outright gay to straight. So if those don’t bother you you’ll have an easier time looking. Rozza’s stuff has some of that, for example.

I think in general feminization has an easier time because we all know what it looks like, its fun to take a straight guy or masc gay and make him a flambouyant stereotype or sissy, and its less likely to veer into uncomfortable territory.

Good luck looking and I’ll post some if i see it.


wow - this does sound hot!

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See my thread i posted a few months ago. Hairy transformations

'Buck' by Papa Werebear - Gay Spiral Stories I wrote this awhile ago, maybe it’s what you are looking for?

Yes, I liked your story. But we always want more… haha

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Have you ever read the story The Training by jawhite_miller? The guy in it isn’t feminine at the start, but it is very much a masculinization story. Maybe you’ll like it. As a matter of fact, all of his stuff is pretty close to what you’re looking at. Were-redneck could hit the spot too, if you’re into redneck stereotypes at all (I’m not, but I still enjoyed the story).


man, this is probably my favorite story of all time. Forced masculinization, smoke, hair growth, testosterone. hit all of my buttons!


Thank you so much and I’m glad you like it! Fur, cigars and pipes, well padded bulky muscle, roid guts, big balls and cocks, masculinity, musk, pheromones, sweat, beards, male pattern baldness, leather, motorcycles and bikers, truckers, transformation of the human form to ursinoid or just human to bigger furrier human, lots of masculine man on man sex, weaker men becoming strong Bears - it’s all a huge turn on for me and I’m always glad to meet someone into the same sort of hot overtly male kinks I’m into.

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I read it and liked it, but skinheads are seriously a turn off for me. I think it’s a lot of the association with neo-nazis and that mostly skinny smooth shaved aesthetic. Not my thing, BUT the story was still good, I liked the transition from straight to gay, from hairless to furry, from skinny to bulky and that he never noticed because it became ‘normal’ for him.

this is pretty much the basis for a lot of what I want to write. I wrote this a few months back 'Grab My Tits Gay Boy' by Chris Pyre - Gay Spiral Stories. I’m hoping to write more longform content soon.

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There’s an old storyline on CYOC from 2003 that started with a chapter called “A burglar make you [sic] from geek to…” A preppy, geeky teen weakling gets kidnapped and told he’s gonna be forced to live a life like a thug. And his captor makes him work out, take hormones, swear, drink beer, be dirty, and wear boxers and jeans (yeah I don’t know why jeans were part of it; every guy wears jeans). The writing’s not the best and there’s several contributors, but I still remember enjoying it. It doesn’t branch significantly until this chapter (this link lets you read the whole story up to that point), the first choice at the end is a branch where he gets taken by a motorcycle gang instead, and the second choice continues with the thug plot line, and he gets bleached blonde like Eminem and wakes up with tattoos one day.

I’m really into that sort of stuff! I try to incorporate masculinization in most of my stories, but I rarely start with “girly” kind of lad.

The only way around this is to write more masculinization stories.

There are nice parts in that story (although I didn’t understood the jeans part too haha), thank you

Choose your own change - Change of Plans I like where that branch headed!