Forum logon problems fixed!

Some people had a problem logging on to the forum. They were only able to access the forum as the “anonymous” user, even if they were logged on the main site and chose to use a proper user account for the forum.

The problem was, that there are two ways to access the site:

The first was working fine, because the forum checked the account on But if you happened to use to access the site, the forum wouldn’t be able to find the user session.

I resolved that by creating a http redirect which always forwards any user to Please try again to log on to the forum if you had troubles in the past.

Should you still have problems please let me know!

And thank you very much @Cris_Kane, for assisting me finding that issue. Your time and help was invaluable!


That will be why I’ve not been able to view the site all day.

My regular link is which eventually times out.
The only reason I got access, was I dropped the https:// which redirected me to
I’m not sure if it’s a DNS issue and is just needing the changes to trickle through, or if there’s an issue with the redirect.

I’m aware that the redirect doesn’t support https. And unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to fix that. I just hope that those people who have bookmarked the https: link will sooner or later just try a Google search or any other way to access the site.

I just now had this problem, but the issue was that I was on my phone and visiting the site through the mobile version (m.gayspiral…). Once I selected display desktop version I was prompted to log into the main site again and then when I visited the community I was properly logged in.

Ummm… there is no

The site is automatically adapting to the small mobile screen, there is no separate URL for that.

Well, all I can tell you is that I could not log in to the forum until making my phone browser demand the desktop version.

Do you remember how you got on the site in the first place? Using Google? Using a link? Or by entering the address manually?