Forum/Site back and forth

I do a lot of GSS work on my phone in Firefox, and have noticed an oddity—I can visit the forum from the site, but when I try to use the “home” button on the forum to return to the site I get this screen:

I think the problem is the url: you’ll see that it’s “forum” before the main site url. Mentioning in case it’s easily fixed.

Also because I’ve always been curious about this—is there a reason why the “home” button in the forum takes you to the main GSS site while the “gay kinky stories” tag on the top of the page takes you to the main page of the forum? Shouldn’t they be switched?

That’s odd and it looks like a caching issue.

The “home” button (looking like a house) is sending you to (I just checked, it does for me).

If it doesn’t do that for you, you could try to delete the cache of your mobile browser and check again.

That’s hard coded into the forum software, it’s the title banner of the forum (which is also called Gay Kinky Stories after all) and that always sends you to the forum main page.

The “home” button is actually something I had to add manually so there is some way to return to the GKS main page.

I see this quite a bit as well.
It usually goes away by itself, but it does happen the odd time.