Free Idea (Please Steal) "Himbos" as type/story device6

This thread is as much a call to critique and revise an idea as well as toss out hoping it inspires use.

In part inspired by cousin site MEtabods hosting AKA’s Mann Agency
I’ll assume some arcane drama reason not posted here. But more importantly
seeking to play with his/Absolutebleu’s creations of

NSFW inspirational comic pics

thanks again to
More lifestyle but also seemingly charmed lives. Whatever age, or background they tend to … well look like that.

But wanted to draw from the idea they are made, sort of or another “type” like the Supermen of the Transform series, or hosts of Pollination, or drones of rbbrsome

I realize might need a better name as himbo have connotations already irl and even in out little community.
So that would be open for criticism/revision point one. Better name/title

But in general I think some good “rules” for Himbos.

  1. Pleasure from pleasing
    They can be aggressive. Top or bottom or whatever. But what they love is making or being in situations of pleasure for others. It pleases them.
    Perhaps psychological bent, or conditions, tying into something later
  2. Empaths to (Male) Desire
    ESPECIALLY hidden or pent up desires and moreso male.
    “Gentle Giants” not always true. Some are aggressive and mean but they usually trigger to be brought into sex. Which they love as the best way to please and thus pleasure others. Whatever tenor their ‘original’ or ongoing the persona their character is ‘welcoming’ and pleasing to men. They feel they must get along. And they pull in and push out all sorts of feelings understanding hearts and deeds and desires and hungers. How to indulge, fulfill, stoke, and more. Not necessarily thoughts, and information.
  3. I want to be used and objectified.
    Its a nigh addiction. While having other, even opposite drives and interests this is persistant and grows STRONG. Tying into the above. From exhibition, to be prostituted, to risking affairs. They have a kind of masochistic streak not of necessarily pain but being made into creatures and things of pleasure, ESPECIALLY to fulfill others in turn fulfilling themselves.
  4. Limitless Indulgence and Drive
    They seek to be taken and body express and withstand extremes always in pleasing ways and never seeming to mar. Gluttonous in pleasing. Even if not committed.
    Yet also pushes them to improve. While seeming impossible their bodies are formed by effort. They aren’t just bestowed. Think of it, in rpg or character building terms, as an uncapper. Any limits to becoming and performing as a Himbo, from doubling up in the man pussy, triple physically intense shifts, it can be acheived with practice and training.
  5. Teleological Aura of Eroticism
    What enables it all. Despite the look the power, the true one of the Himbo isn’t anabolic, or based in the body but The Spirit or Psychic. Drawn to and drawing out hedonistic desires their aura empathically, but effecting more than just emotions, directs and clears things for them. Good luck thos cops enjoyed your man pussy and sucking your muscle teats enough to let you go with a light warning. Those parents figure now is the time to swing. things just… work out or can be worked towards. Anything taken in the body also treated this way, turned and processed to make a himbo or fulfill their mission of pleasing, spreading pleasure, being objectified, and etc.
  6. Transmission of Mission
    Not all who partake of himbos become one. That takes a time, a choice, continous exposure, direction from senior or cultivation or drawing of Himbo Energy to a person as train. While not the most straightforward each Himbo proceeds by choice but each choice further ties them to the path. At the most basic anyone who drinks of them experiences a sort of gain of the Himbos knack for feeling others desires and inclination to be drawn and fulfilling them. the longer without contact or use it will fade. But the natural use is… well submissive. It doesn’t have to be, but it takes control. And as an effect of knowing and being able to fulfill others desires they desire and tend to favor or sentimental or so on you. Many just stop here from the experience, not wanting to go further. but if do, if see the extremes to be to become… they can with practice and surprising turn around time. A season? A year?

Any of this of use? Anything need to refine or just change or disagree?
post a reply


What would interest me most is how a character like this becomes this sort of man. How was he raised? How did his family treat him, and why, that he ended up so broadly and unashamedly open to sex and pleasure?
Is he running toward something, or away from something: what are his motivations/aversions?
“I want to give pleasure”/ “he seems nice: I’ll bet he’d like to cum; I should help with that,” and similar other thoughts have to come from somewhere. If they’re the product of an empty or bored mind, that’s not a very compelling character.

Like, sure: if there’s a supernatural element to this, like this overwhelming desire to give pleasure gets passed to them by another character, then that’s one thing, but what if it’s just a product of choices they’ve made in response to the environment in which they grew up? Then there’s the chance for a different kind of tension, because it’s not magic, then: it’s real and consequential.

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Some personality types just err to interaction and some like sex and like the idea of taken or taking. Letting that animal out on others or in their partners.

That said…yeah suppose could depending or at least consider even if ‘imposed’ how their experiences are shaping around that metaphysical development.

Maybe they just love sex and want it to be shared with others and have a streak of enjoying being overwhelmed by something while also drawing it out?
Way some get off on humiliation or others exhibition and feel happy with intimacy of nudism.
It seems competitive or athletic about sex but racing to bottom as to needing to lock up emotions and top.
Moreso if strong emotional and charisma factor.
It’s their favorite game, everyone should play and more the merrier

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