Fun stories?

I know this is rare, but is there a fun, wholesome story here? I think most here are revenge or life ruining so it’ll be a nice pace of change

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Two immediately spring to mind. A really wholesome story is Mariposa Honeymoon - about two guys’ honeymoon, care of their friend.

One of my favorites, that begins with the typical corruption but has an unexpected happy ending, is Belial’s Legacy.

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Just to name a few, there are many, many more. It’s not that rare.

Mariposa Honeymoon was already mentioned, but Cris Kane’s work in general has frequent wholesome themes. For a different value of wholesome, J. Santalo’s Becoming a Ginger was kinda that. Woodrow Writes’s Machismo is excellent writing and very sweet. abracadabra923’s Mindvoiderz: The Sound of Submission and its sequel are… not… exactly… wholesome, but they’re not about revenge and lives seem improved, so far. Absman420’s Mimbo Drops is not exactly sweet, but it’s fun and not about revenge or ruining anybody.

My Nathan and the Gang series has depression and plentiful drug use, but might be considered wholesome in a certain light, from a certain angle.

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I can recomend Viridians “Nathan and the Gang”. Despite the alarming use of drugs It is in it’s heart a very sweet story of belonging to a group.

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At the risk of being accused of self promotion…

I’m not sure if they’re quite what you’re looking for, but most of my stories have a positive spin to them. They’re life-altering in many cases, but not life-ruining. For example, one of the characters in Web of Trust is an asexual who’s fairly naturally submissive; he gets hypnotized to embrace his submission even more than he already has and, after a fashion, embraces sex as a representation of that submission. While some of his submissive interests now involve his brother, overall, he feels like he’s much closer to the person he always wanted to be, but was afraid to fully express. Another character is an orphaned trust fund baby who, yes, is used as the hypnotist’s personal piggy bank, but is also hypnotized to feel as though the hypnotist and the other subjects in the house are the family he’s been missing his whole life (which is actually true enough, though given his history, he probably wouldn’t have been able to get there emotionally on his own).

Other stories have different themes, and at least one of them has a darker chapter, but only as a way of getting to a more positive chapter. I don’t do stories that revolve primarily around revenge or unhappy subjects, as I just don’t find them a turn-on in any way.

I guess there are worse things than being known as the wholesome writer on a fetish site.


Most stories by Happy Endings, which are about what you’d expect.

I’ve written several under STROPPY AUTHOR where people end up with the guy of their dreams. Maybe too much fantasy obscured it. What kind of “Mind control theme” are you thinking about?

My Symbiote: Army in Black has been labeled by Hypnothrill as wholesome, so I offer it up as a potential candidate.

Yes, a lot of my stories (Not all, but some) are in the happy-wholesome endings kinda category.

Mind / OCD / masturbation / one bit where a dude get’s to see into his dog’s mind

Older bear kindness / anti gay-conversion-therapy / Food order mixup

Alien / Dick mutilation / Male Pregnancy / sudden change to wholesomeness

Are you still writing Abe, the Fugitive? That’s a great story and I would like to see where you go with that.

Canonically they’ve been going well, but nothings really happened with them that warrants another GSS story yet.