Fun With Nanites

So thanks to the Sliders story I am now deep in the rabbit hole of the idea of nanites and what it can be used for in an erotic story sense. Sooo, with that story saga being potentially open for contributions, I was wondering if anyone else had ideas, thoughts, and such about it. What ways the nanites can be used both erotically and not in such a series.

Health boost and immunity to poison and disease.
Improved senses.
Enhanced mental abilities.

Physical changes, like a bubble butt and a more sensitive butthole.
Cleanliness as a feature.

An ‘addiction’ or neediness for cum.

Honestly, I don’t know, I just would like to discuss the fun of the idea. :slight_smile:

Many this is more for myself than it is for you, #Heru_Kane. I’ve read many stories with nanites. But for me, the big turn on would be primarily psychological. The host would know he’s been infected and could feel himself changing but would be powerless to do anything about it. To me, the internal struggle between fighting and recognizing they’re becoming par of the host would be the most exciting aspect of such a story.

Yeah, not to disparage your interests or anything, but that sort of internal horror is totally not for me.

That said, to a lesser extent, the idea of someone discovering that something is going on and tries to investigate it but finds that as he does so he gets ‘converted’ could be hot as would someone who was taken contorl of having moments of awareness where they relaize what has happened before said moment fades.

I had the idea of two younger cops thinking that there is something weird going on within the local gangs, who seem much more touchy feely and such then they used to. Said cops go to their older detective partner who unknown to them is gay and who thusly became a bit more dominant. So his actions lead to the two younger cops into submission and sex where they give up on their worries about the situation and become good boys.

Or the idea of say a father or a brother, someone who has to be in the main guy’s life, who is also a bit of a judgemental homophobe who became, thanks to the nanites, a homebody boy toy muscle bear. While normally he is happy and subby and cooks and cleans every once and a while as he is sucking cock or getting fucked he realizes what happened to him. A moment of horror which begins to fade as the sex goes on, dissapearing completely upon him cumming.

But yeah the horror element is not for me, though I do not mind some minor internal struggle in part. Though I also want it to fade as happiness and good fortune and a better life comes upon the person due to the change.

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Nanites, like a number of things on this site, can have a good usage and a bad usage. Nanites often get use to bring people under control (Little Friends is a major example of this), but they could also be used in a more positive way (although people here might not be up to seeing that in a story). I’m thinking of stories where the people with nanites and the people who inject them into people are looking for a balance point between man and machine.

One story ideal I have is inspired by Martin’s Community Service. Much like his story, my story involves a society where men spend two years in a combat service detail. Two best friends are looking forward to their time in the service because they want to go on to be a cop and a soldier and the service detail is the major way in. The first six months of the detail all recruits are controlled by nanites (the men call this time MC or military coma); after that the detail proceeds with the cadets in control but the balance between human and nanites is fine tuned. For the characters in the story they are saddened by the drab uniforms they will wear in MC and a bit hesitant about going into MC, but on the other side, they use their time in the service to prepare for entry into the police and army respectively. So I don’t really attempt to use nanites as controlling but the MC is nanites working their way into the subject’s body which will be adjusted to make a balance between man and machine.

Hopefully that provides a different view on nanites.


Since someone else posted here recently, I should note that I’m the creator of the series in question. People interested in contributing can do so here:
but I would encourage you to read up on previous parts to understand the tone and details of the setting.
To me, the aspects of the nanotechnology I used in Fun with Sliders that I found most erotic were the potential for surveillance and voyeurism (hence the author name I chose for this site) as well as the power fantasy of being able to control and alter the arousal response of another person’s body and mind via technology, with the target in question being completely unaware (I especially enjoyed the third chapter, where the target is made to cum over and over in their sleep).
One thing I wanted to leave to the readers to flesh out were the details of the series’ ending. The main character (whose name is only revealed in the epilogue and sequel series) expands his network of nanobot influence to the entire school and beyond while being protected from the threat of infection himself. He gains absolute influence over the minds of every boy in school, runs experiments on all the senior boys to hypnotically train them into being attracted to guys (and assplay) and two years later is living the comfortable life of a master with Sloan and Peter, his original two test subjects, among his loyal boys.
Now, all these events are related from the main character’s perspective. Some people suggested showing things from the point of view of a host for the nanobots. I’d certainly enjoy seeing their take on it! Perhaps even a retelling of one of the earlier chapters from the test subjects’ point of view? Or a random male classmate struggling to understand his new nanobot-induced attractions or sensitivities?
A lot of you also mentioned featuring older men as a target for control and transformation. That’s an interesting concept, but unless it was set well in the future from the original series, it’d feel out-of-character for the main guy in Fun with Sliders, who I envisioned as a high school senior exclusively attracted to guys his own age (all 18+).
This is all just me relaying my opinions on my own series, though. People just wanting to play with the concept of nanobots can write whatever they want, and I look forward to seeing what they envision!


Thanks for responding to my post and setting me straight on the background of the discussion. I got to look at your story and I think it’s interesting with its take on nanites and what they can do. I think for me I’m of two poles with nanites; I’m either trying to establish the balance between man and machine or I see them controlling and making people into slaves. I think Little Friends is more my speed when it comes to nanites.