Future Feature Request / Discussion - Tip Author

One for the long finger.

A “Tip Author” function on the story’s page alongside the usual options like “Add Comment” “Favourite” “Add to Curated list” etc.

I’ve just been down the Ko-fi rabbit hole a little (I wanted to look into it before posting this). It seems we already have ko-fi compatibility on our user pages …it’s just a shame ko-fi has banned 90% of adult material in its terms of service. So no one can really use ko-fi without wondering if at any moment they’re gonna get canceled or have their money detained.

Anyways., the feature suggestion itself — were we to eventually live in a world where there is a tip-jar-type service for NSFW content creators — is to include “tip author” on the story page, on the same banner where “Favourite” “Add to curated list” “Add Comment” etc is.

It would be discreet, smart, and you never know who might click and chuck you a buck, including anonymous readers.

Trying to set up a tip-jar service for The Dirty Spiders, and wow do they make it impossible.
It’s like I’m trying to smuggle pandas for meat ova’ he’e.

This would be great, particularly if it would help “encourage “ authors to complete stories, as talked about in another topic in the forum.

I could add Kofi as a service that can be linked to in the profile.

And I could also add a feature to add that to the bottom to each of an authors story.

Any thoughts?

The kofi in the profile is already there, you can just add it like other links
As one of the other options (such as favouriting, add comment, etc)

so much for me knowing my own site :slight_smile:

Any other services like Kofi that come to mind? OnlyFans or JustForFans maybe? :wink:

I don’t know Kofi, but if you’re looking at adding author payment links to the bottom of stories, it might be good to automatically show a link to the author’s Patreon if they have on.

Altogether I like the ‘link to an offsite tipjar’ approach. Payment processors get puritanical.

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