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I know graphic novels are a major genre and many have dealt with GLBT issues. Are there any graphic novels that deal with gay mind-control/transformation that can be recommended? Thanks for your suggestions!


I was hoping for someone answering to this posting, because I like graphic novels myself, even some manga‘s from time to time, and I‘ve been wondering the same thing…

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Nothing off the top of my head though there is a lot of Bara and Yaoi that fit that genre. Sorry for not being able to offer up specific examples. I have seen quite a few of them on different image boards such as Barachan(though I don’t know if Barachan is still up in recent times.) If I come across some I’ll be sure to link it!

On a similar note, is there a place to submit art of our, or other peoples stories? As a painter/ drawer a lot of my stories inspire me to draw and i’m sure i’m that other artists feel the same about other stories on the site. Just a thought.

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These are the only hypno themed graphic novels I’ve ever read, and they’re manga. Unfortunately the artist never followed up, which sucks because they’re really hot:


Thanks a lot! Those are hot stories… I‘d really love to see more like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently I cannot host images and videos, this is just too expensive and creates a whole new dimension of legal problems I‘m not prepared to deal with.

But what you can do, is to use tumblr, deviantArts or other similar sites to host your images, and you can link them into your stories here, if you like.


Actually, there is a few, 1 or 2 but in japanese, poorly done and ca’t remember the name or the author, sorry D:

I can answer my own question! I discovered two library school students put together a Queer Comics Database. It doesn’t go into the varieties of stories that exist but functions to identify basic protagonists of the stories (gay, bi, intersex, trans, and various racial/ethic types). There’s also a space where you can do keyword searching. When I searched “mind control” in the database, one story came up: Astonishing X-Men (2012). Admittedly mind control is only a small part of the story, but it suggests ways such projects could progress. (e.g. “Alien” brings up 4 hits.)

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I’d recommend some of the stuff published by Class Comics:

Not all their stuff is MC/TF related, but there is some for sure.

Also, a lot of stuff done by Logan Kowalsky is great, especially “Porky” and “The Pornomicon”, but most of it is out of print. You can find some of it on torrent sites, if that’s a thing that’s morally acceptable to you.

Also, how did no one bring up Gengoroh Tagame? Most of his stuff is more conventional control rather than supernatural, but it’s all fabulous (though can be a bit extreme, in some instances.)

Hope that helps!

I would like to take the opportunity to say that the Author I was talking about is Hitenmaru, he make MC related artwork and a few short graphic novels (you have to buy and still on japanese)