Grew a vagina

Im pretty sure this work was on GSS. Its about a guy lost in the woods and he comes apon a clearing where he falls prey to male spirits of some sort. They seduce him. He starts to enjoy the events and the climax (forgive the pun) is the dieties are gang banging him and his cock shrinks into himself and becomes a pussy. Wherein the spirits start fucking it too. The protagonist ends up accepting he no longer has a penis and thoroughly enjoys his new body.
Anybody remember this story. Thank you

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I recognise the storyline, but I’m struggling to find it.

IIRC the guy finds an old cave with drawings, and it depicts a change from male to female. It’s quite an old story, so it may have no tags.

Actually, this may be it -

Considering that a search only turns up 102 stories on the entire site that contain the word “vagina”, it shouldn’t be hard to narrow down if it’s here.

That depends on if the author actually used vagina. Several stories only use pussy, which I suspect will turn up more than 102 hits

I have looked thru the majority of the search results and i cant find the story. Im well aware of how to use a search engine. Im asking the question to see if anyone recollects the story other than me.

I didn’t mean any offense. Just making an observation that “vagina” isn’t a common term around these parts.

I was searching for something totally unrelated, and noticed this story in the results -

I’ve not had a chance to read it, but the synopsis sounds promising.

If you check it out, let me know what you think!