Guys hypnotized in straight stories

This site is perfect for stories about gay mind control, but I am also interested in stories with guys being hypnotized without it necessarily being about gay sex. I often find great stories on Mcstories and other such sites with great male mind control, but it is often hard to search for it, since there is more focus on women being mind controlled on those sites. Therefore I thought we could make a thread here with great examples of guys mind controlled in straight stories.

These are some of the stories. Please add to the list:

Member Privileges -
A young couple is changed when an online chat service comes under new management. The story shifts between Oliver and his wife and there are some great chapters detailing Olivers transformation into a world famous pornstar.

City of Charming -
A husband and wife is transformed mentally and physically after moving to a strange new city.

Peradvertising II – Relajacion Resort
A group of vacationers arrive at a strange resort. Among the people brainwashed by the staff is Andy, a young guy fresh out of University. He is quickly turned into an emtyheaded boytoy with nothing but sex on his mind.

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Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. There are a lot of times when I’m perusing straight stories to see which ones I could convert where I find some really interesting male mind control.

A much darker example would be something like Bully Blitz — Chet’s Chaotic Conquest. Chet, a big mean bully, steals a device from a nerd that lets him control people, and he uses it to transform his school and community. But unlike most straight stories, the author also goes deep into the ways that Chet messes with the men of the series as well, sometimes in sexual ways and sometimes in humiliating ways unrelated or adjacent to sex. (later on in the series, a gay nerd actually carves out a small niche for himself through a loophole, and convinces Chet to turn the whole wrestling team into his harem).


Control chapter 8 :
This is only a small part of a much larger series, but I just love this chapter. The main character Josh uses his powers to hitch a ride with students from Trinity Baptist College on their way to a big game. He teach the conservative students, including a bunch of guys, how to have fun.

A husband and wife seeks help from a therapist to find out why the wife keeps being unfaithful without meaning to. In the end it is the husband that ends up having his mind changed.

All The Way:
Will and Sherry, two young backpackers, become the sexual playthings of a mind controller when they accept a ride.

WeaverTV: The Newlyweaved Game:
TheWeaver has lots of stories of people being mentally and physically transformed by magical powers. Many of them also include guys being transformed. One of my favorite stories is this chapter from The Newly Weaved Game where Tyler and Khloe are transformed from actors into porn actors even with a bit of gay porn in the mix.

WeaverTunes: Live to air:
Another great story from TheWeaver where one of the people transformed by a magical radio station is a mother picking up her son and his friends from a football game. With a little magic the son instantly becomes a porndirector, the mother a famous pornstar and the three friends horny pornstuds.

The gift day 2:
Great story of a guy using his powers on his classmates and teacher. Includes making some guys fuck each other in front of the whole class.

Allen’s House Party:
A stranger uses his powers on the hosts and some guest at a house party. Includes making a guy fall deeply in love with his wife’s brother.


Great story about an amoral mind controller meeting a newlywed couple on a plane. Bored by their purity he begins adjusting their views on marriage. The husband becomes a horndog dreaming of fucking every woman he sees. He starts believing that condoms are for saving your cum after jerking off.

Dustin’s Sister:
Dustin starts receiving mysterious text messages that changes his personality and his feelings towards his sister.

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Open Mind
Everybody wants to be open minded, but it can have consequences. In this story a couple enjoys playing with their neighbours, using a special drug to make them open minded about becoming prostitutes, strippers and porn stars.
The first two chapters can be found here:
The third chapter here:

David and Sara finds some strange flowers that starts changing their minds and bodies, making them dumber, hotter and hornier.

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Paula and the mind drug:
Paula uses a powerful mind-control drug to become head of a male modelling agency, corrupting the men in many different ways, including gay porn. Non-smokers should be aware of a heavy cigaret-theme. The writer is Chester, that has some stories on this site as well. He has even more on Mcstories. Most of them are definitely worth a read.

Does anybody have have any suggestions for straight stories with guys being hypnotized? Feel free to share links here. I can be so difficult to find great male mind control in straight stories.

I have come across two great examples for reality altering stories.

The Sermon
Pastor Bruce finds himself distracted by a mysterious stranger whispering strange, dark words as the Pastor tries to go through his Sermon. Little by little the message of the Sermon changes to something very unholy and all the members of the congregation are slowly converted to a much darker Faith. This includes a young timid and devout guy that soon finds his higher calling in sinful pleasure.

Nick and Suzy, purely platonic friends, goes to see a movie in the cinema but someone has changed the movie to some weird and overly sexualised B-movie that has a strange effect on both the minds and bodies of the audience.

Kristine’s Conscience

A girl with unlimited psychic powers calls upon her childhood friend to act as her moral guide. Can he stop her from imposing her perverted whims on everyone around her? And more importantly, will he want to?

This has been a favourite of mine for quite a while


This is actually one of my favorite MC stories of all time, and it’s entirely focused on a straight, kind, & wealthy family man being corrupted by a woman he’s just met at work. It’s very hot, and the gradual change is so well done. Would love to see a gay version sometime.

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That was very hot !
Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: