Help Finding a Story

I guess I’m not super sure if this is how I reply but I’ll try, I’ve been looking for a story forever I think I read it within the past year and a half. A guy goes to his vacation home and while he’s there a random gimp escapes from his master’s dungeon and makes it to the vacation home. The gimp has the man let him out of the gear and the man puts on the gear. The master finds them and the old gimp escapes and the new guy in the gear becomes the masters new slave. Does this sound familiar?

No, but that is a great story line :wink:

I know the one you are talking about but can’t for the life of me remember the name :scream:

I have been looking forever and can’t find it :frowning:

I have a hunch it may be on Eckie’s bondage site. I’d check but password recovery isn’t working for me and I can’t log in. When they get back to me and I can log in I’ll check.

Yeah of you find it thatd be awesome!! I have no idea how to navigate the other site

I think I found it?
Sometimes I get into an obsessive mood and Google things madly.

(just remove the spaces)

I believe this was a first chapter (that was fortunately copied and pasted) and the author is continuing the story on

Yes that’s it thank you!!

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O-h! Die Geschichte scheint wie aus meinem eigenen Leben zu sein!

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