Help needed in translation

i have recently put up a story 'A City-break to Berlin ’ by Malskin - Gay Spiral Stories

some of it is in German with the English in brackets. Could someone who speak German please have a look at it, it seems that google translator incorrectly translated some parts wrong. I have comments and it seems to distract the full meaning of the story

please contact me if you are willing to do so.


I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

I’ve just casually scanned it, but your German looks really stiff at first glance, which is to be expected of course. If you don’t mind, I’ll create a new revision with all my changes - you can then “publish” it yourself.


Thank you Martin, just seems that some of the translations are distracting the readers and as i want it to be perfect your help would make it so…think i have learnt a lesson here get any future work in a different language checked out first…I wanted or should I tried to make it so those coveted spoke fluiet German

The German parts were really bad in a couple of areas. I’ve created a new revision, you can see my changes by activating the eye icon

“Bracers” and “Bleachers” don’t translate well. As far as I can see, they mean tight, bleached jeans held up with bracers (German “Hosenträger”). Noone would associate “Hosenträger” with Skinheads - we’d say “Springerstiefel” (for the boots) and maybe “Arbeiterklamotten” (worker’s outfit). The words you used, “Tribüne” (tribune) for “bleachers” and “Zahnspange” (“teeth bracers”) were involuntarily funny :slight_smile:

Also, people would never use the formal “Sie” in that area. It’s like you’d use “Sir” when ordering your underlings around. I’ve changed everything to “Du”.

I tried to do my best to give a good German impression :slight_smile:

Click “Publish” if you’re happy with my changes.


Thank you Very Much for taking the time to look at this for me. I was trying to be cleaver using German in places, seemed that it back fired on me

if i ever do a story again that is not in English i will seek advice via the forum

Thanks Again


It’s a wonderful story, nevertheless. I wish it was a little longer (going more into detail of the transformations) - keep that in mind for next time. :slight_smile: Bravo

Thank you for your interest in our story

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