Help with new interface

I guess the new interface helps with some aspect of administration. I’m not fond of the theme (I prefer a black background and white/gray characters). But the most frustrating part for me is that I can no longer tell where are new messages and how many there are. Is it that the message headers are boldface? But if you hover your mouse over any header it turns bold - and unlike the old system (which told you how many new & unread messages you have) I can’t see how the new interface informs you of that.


On the forum homepage, there should still be the usual options for selecting your preferred post list options -

And to change theme between light and dark, looks for the moon -
which changes to a sun when you’re on the dark theme-

On desktop view, it’s at the bottom of the sidebar panel-

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I’ve tried 3 different browsers: Brave, Chrome and Microsoft Edge and they are all the same, not having the “usual options.” The picture below is what I get on all the browsers. As you can see the usual options are not present at all. I’ve tried clicking on various blank spots in case the style sheet has put white-on-white or similar, but no I just don’t see those options. And yes, I am logged in.

If you mean private messages/DMs, click inbox in the lefthand menu-

although I think there could be a glitch if your screen isn’t high enough

No, I wasn’t referring to DMs - I get those.
Am I the only person experiencing this problem?

You can always switch back to the old theme. Click on your user icon on the top right, then the “user” symbol on the bottom, select “Preferences”.

In the dialog that opens, you can navigate to “Interface”. There you can choose from 4 themes. Also the color scheme can be changed independently from the theme.

Question to all: Do you think the new theme doesn’t live up to the old standard? If so I’d consider to change the default theme back to the original.

I’m actually not 100% sure what you refer to with “the usual options”. Maybe you could switch back to the default theme and make a screenshot of what you see there and what you’re missing on the new “Air theme”? Maybe I can fix the problem then.

Hi Martin, earlier mw-scott posted this image of the old interface. I can no longer get these indicators.

That’s strange. I definitely see them (the small colored dots right of a category or channel name, indicating new entries, right?`).

Can you try to switch to “light” mode with the sun icon on the bottom (as shown by mw-scot)?

I removed the sun/moon icon from the top bar, because it took too much room on mobiles, but it’s still present in the bottom of the left sidebar.

I changed the theme back because it was too much information on the main page, especially on my phone.

Im glad multiple theme options exist.

Actually, I’ve just looked at the “air theme” on the phone and I have to agree with you. It’s really too convoluted on a mobile device.

And since it’s so difficult to find the option to change the theme (especially on the phone), I’ll revert the default theme back to the standard “ootB” theme.

But this new “air theme” is still there and can be selected manually in the user preferences under “Interface”.


Thank you. Most important to me was seeing the links to “latest” and “new” which have now returned. :slight_smile:

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