Helping find stories

Ever read a story once and not be able to find it again? This thread can be for those stories on the tip of your tongue and other readers can help provide details or even help look for the story.


Nice idea. I hope the improved tagging and “story of the past” feature will also help digging up old favourites.

And don’t forget that you can mark stories as “liked” to find them easily anytime you want!


A good idea for a thread!.

A story I tried to find recently featured a bartender who made a drink of the day with a powder that made the recipients horny (I think), and susceptible to something that looked like rapid pregnancy if they got sperm inside. There was a curious vibe to the story as the bartender was initially out to punish his clientele for their slutty ways, but in the end he seems to just find the change stimulating. (The changed are also evidently somehow alluring, as the people fucking them are likelier to go for seconds than run away screaming.) Does anybody remember the name of the story? Or the writer?

I do remember this story. The protagonist hated the lean twinkish party boys who seemed to have no consequences to their casual sex and carousing. He spiked their drinks and if they got fucked they would return to the bar the next day with pregnancy sized bellies. They would be more than willing to be fucked again. I looked at over 100 page results here at The Spiral using all kinds of word combinations and I couldn’t find it. I wish I could find it again. I loved it.

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I remember that story. It’s was based on Againstmywill’s Teenage Pregnancy story, however I think it was written by somebody else.

Well, kids… that’s exactly why the correct application of tags is so important!

and also why we’re working so hard to fix the tag system and to make it easier to use them properly in the future. I can only hope that these old stories will resurface.

The teenage pregnancy story was about a high school teacher who gave all his male students pills that would make them pregnant if they got fucked or increased their lust so they fucked others. The teacher ends up impregnated by the kid he originally targeted to fuck. The other story took place at a bar. I wish I could find it again.

BTW, there is the tag “male pregnancy”. 5 stories are using that.

And if you text search for pregnant you also get a lot of hits…

I scrolled through a couple hundred results with different search word like twink, bar, pregnant, model etc.No luck.

I’ve emailed AgainstMyWill to see if he can help identify the story, as I’m sure it was based on the same drug that featured in Teenage Pregnancy.

I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

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The bartender story has been located by someone in the story comments of Batter Up - Getting my Dick. It’s called Fill 'Er Up and can be found in CYOC. (

This confuses me, as I thought I first read it either here or in the NCMC. Maybe I was just wrong about that, but it makes me wonder if there
a) was a problem with the NCMC transfer due to the apostrophe in the name or
b) if at some point a story with an identical name used to supersede the older one. (There’s a Fill’Er Up in the current archive about reality change at a gas station.)

Of course it could just have been deleted for some reason.

I’m not entirely sure that was one of Cody’s stories, but the other story uploaded on CYOC by candrus, The Mouse that Squeaked, was one of Cody’s (which was just a gay re-write of Lisa Teez’s story by the same name).

I’ll drop Cody an email and ask, but thanks for uncovering a copy of the mouse, as that was one story I had been looking for.

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Thanks for finding the story and posting the link. It is as hot as I remember. Thanks again, CF

Yeah I don’t remember this story so it wasn’t me and I never knew about it. But now I’m excited to read it… :slight_smile:


I’m looking for two stories actually
The vague details I can remember was one homophobe guy being hypnotised to think he’s a girl in the hypnotized state and unaware he’s gay when in his waking state. It was a hypnotist story and he serviced guys at a bar.
The second is where this kid gets mind control powers and starts controlling his brother by taking out the trash.

there is a story that i read once and was trying to find again for almost 2 years…

it is about a college student that use mind control/suggestive power to fuck straight jocks without them noticing anything out of usual.
i remember a scene where he gathers all the guys that are under his influence in an apartment, and shows a friend of his how he can just choose one that is in the middle of a conversation, and fuck him without anyone noticing, including the guy who is getting fucked.

anyone read it/know where to find it? thx

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I’m looking for a story where father is annoyed by his son’s behaviour. He fosters/adopts an Asian boy. Then he proceeds to replace his son by merging/bodyswapping/possessing. Finally his “new” son shows his appreciation to his new father.

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The one with the brother taking out the trash is Look What Thinking Can Get You and can be found here:

There’s a sequel to it as well: A Happy Accident (

The one about the it college student that uses mind control/suggestive power to fuck straight jocks without them noticing anything out of usual is Skin to skin, and the chapter you are thinking of is chapter 4 (


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Thanks for the links! The synopsis that was given for Skin to Skin sounded very hot, so hot I was hoping someone would find it if I couldn’t find it myself first.

I’ll go and read it right away.

Edit: A very good read! Very sexy! Specially chapters 1 to 4. The author’s generous with the sex scenes and writes them brilliantly well. Orgies are specifically hard to write. Having so many people acting at the same can get confusing. Yet his prose flows so naturally that it’s easy to see and feel what’s going on at all times. Thanks again for bringing it back from storage oblivion.