Helping find stories

Yep! Aiming to have it back on the site at some point in 2024. Actually, EdIam is helping me with the rewrite, and he’s already brought some great ideas to the table. I’m excited for it!

I appreciate your patience!


Wow Wow Wow!!!

My dick is twitching in anticipation!

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Great news! I enjoyed many of your stories in the past already…I can only imagine how much hotness it would add with a twist of Edlam thrown into them!

I’ll look forward to your refreshed stories!

Wondering if anyone knows the story I’m talking about, no matter what search terms I use I can’t seem to dredge it up. A guy who lives alone fantasizes about extreme chastity and finds some kind of elixir/pill/drug online that permanently eliminates the ability to have an orgasm (but doesn’t eliminate horniness, I think). He orders it and it arrives, but he doesn’t take it. Then the seller contacts him (don’t remember if it was in person of virtually) and persuades the guy to take it. If anyone can remember this, please let me know!

The story where a guy starts a new job at an office full of masculine hunks is definitely “HunkNet” by Aardvark!

It’s still up at the O’Melissokomos site:

(I no longer have issues browsing it on Android, and switching it to “Desktop mode” usually fixed that.)


Thank you very very much.

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Hi, I’m looking for a story I am pretty confident was on here. It was about a skateboarding boy who had been hypnoed at concerts into becoming a ABDL. It seems to have gone missing.