How do I link my patreon account to my gayspiralstory account


small questions. I am a bit annoyed by the patreon icon. i want to turn it of which is “a Patreon feature only” which is all fine and just but i am a patreon and i can’t find any way to link my accounts or tell my GSS account that I am already contributing.
The “help and info” tab was also no help.

I know this sounds a bit bitchy but I am just confused and annoyed by it. Please don’t take anything I wrote personal or feel offended by it. Thank you

Hi Billie,

For the site to acknowledge your status as Patreon, you have to use the same email address on GSS as the one you use for Patreon. You can change the email address on GSS anytime in your profile. Then you will get Patreon status automatically you log on the next time, and you get the option to disable the Patreon bar.

And thank you very much for contributing to us!



that explains it. Well now I have a different problem. It seems like I already am using my patreon e-mail with a different account one that I neither knew existed not want to exist.

Well, if you want to have your Patreon advantages, you need to use the same email, there’s no way around that.

You can either do a password reset on this original account to restore it for you, or you could send me the email address so I’ll delete that old account. Then you can rename your current one.

Just let me know what you’d prefer.

I would like it to be deleted but how do I send you my e-mail address?

Just write it to me here in an answer to this PM. So I can look you up in our list of user accounts.

The account has been deleted.