How do you picture the characters of your favorite stories?

Hi there everyone!

A thing that’s been happening to me lately when reading erotica is that my mind has started to use people I’ve seen in TV, films and Internet Almighty. It used to be nonexistent people or people I know, but I guess I’ve been exposed to so much content in my life that my brain cannot escape it!

Anyways, I thought it’d be cool to share what our minds have visioned for the characters we know from the hot stories uploaded to the myriad of sites that is GKS.

Let me start with one of my recent favorites: Love Begins At Home, by the sensational S. Q. Neemie. Now, before I start, bear in mind that this is my mind’s interpretation of the characters. Many won’t fit that much the description, and for that I apologize, but isn’t that part of the fun? Seeing how readers interpret the reality that has been created? :smiley:

First off, the character I’ve got a most vivid image of is Tanner. In my mind, he looks exactly like Jared Leto and his Jesus Christ aesthetic.

That holy yet sexy vibe is a killer and I think it matches Tanner’s wolf in beautiful sheep’s clothing feel.

Then there’s Blake, who in my mind would look something close to model Rafael Miller:

I’d say he’s sweet, athletic, manly and a bit of a natural leader, the kind that is not aware he’s got that role.

Now, in my head Pastor Johnson looks like Patrick Dempsey just a bit more down to earth and less smartly clothed :joy:

Then, for Devon I see him like someone who’s athletic, loyal and fun, so he kind of reminds of Shade Andrew.

As per the rest of characters, they all look like people my mind made up, which is good because it means the imagination section of my brains is still alive and somewhat working!

So, what do you think? Do they match the way you’ve imagined them? Am I super far from your point of view? Also, and most importantly:

How do you picture the men from your favorite stories? :blush:

Please, feel free to add your own list of pictures of the characters from your favorite stories :smiley:

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One of my favourite stories is MonsterMash62’s Extreme Changeover.

I always picture Mark as Chad Demchik.

chad demchik 2

And once the transformation is complete, this is how I see Kevin and Mark.



Hey, that’s excellent! The younger dudes are spot-on in my opinion, and Leto is so close. Dempsey is a surprise, but I can see it—and it’s not an unhappy image.

These images make finishing the next chapter all the easier.

Like you, I hardly ever see “real” people as types of characters—with one exception. For some reason Joey in my now-ancient Brother-in-Law Christmas series always was Jesse Williams in my mind. No clue why!


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This takes me back to when I was reading the Strain trilogy; I read the main character Ephraim Goodweather as a black man and his son Zach as mixed race. It was more that I didn’t realize I read them that way until the TV show was announced and I saw Corey Stroll cast as Ephraim that I realized I had read the Ephraim in the book as a black man.

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I “cast” real people as my characters because it gives me a visual reference.

I used my references as promos during PHOLUS REBORN:


Oh wow, really? Happy to know that I got close! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: To be honest, the clearest images in my head where Tanner’s and Blake’s. I read their descriptions and Jared Leto and Rafael Miller appeared to play them right away. Pastor Johnson took a little bit but his foggy self shaped into Dempsey after a while, and my mental image of Devon was also kind of blurry until I came accross Shade Andrew’s pictures on instagram. I kind of had a harder time visualizing the rest of the characters, though. It wasn’t until recently that I got a clearer image of Tony, and as for Ethan the image I had of him had to drastically change when his body was described in his chapter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But that’s quite a common thing to happen and it doesn’t make stories any less enjoyable. Jiang was never a problem, though, but he doesn’t look like anyone I could share a picture of.

I just read MonsterMash62’s story and I must say Chad Demchik really fits the description. From the big muscled body to the handsome yet slightly primitive face, he’s very similar to what I got from the story. I don’t know if @MonsterMash62 may agree, but I think that you did a good job there!

This, sir, I wasn’t expecting! Looks like the work of someone who gets paid for digital image editing. Or maybe from someone who’s really into digital image editing? Anyway, it looks so cool! :hushed: I love the captions by the way, Sir Patrick Stewart’s specially. So funny to picture him attending the casting and saying those words extremely politely and out of the blue :joy: