How i made a too risque sexual fantasy in a scifi forum

Greetings I regularly hang out at a form called spacebattles. They have a section that’s popular for what’s Called Quest and role-plays. That’s where either the original poster Sets out a character presumably based on Role-playing system currently ours is using a baseline combination of Crusader Kings 2 Dragon Age Legend of Zelda and Warhammer fantasy. Role-playing is when each poster takes on the role of a character and each contributes. It’s an interesting idea. Requests you vote on the next relevant action off of a list that’s provided by the poster. I’m sort of Episodic choose-your-own-adventure tail. And roll playing well I think we all know what that is.

This takes the idea of what would happen if got a lamp. And So I’m kind of embarrassed. ButI don’t just want to leave it there. I’m hoping to come Or at least share What I’ve done and at least get some pointers or maybe Inspire someone to run with the ideas.

…wishing lamp.Made out of brass and the size of a normal Oil lamp.As you try incred2an this thing of all the grime, you see suddenly words appearing on its side in burning letters.Three Wishes, this i may fulfill.Choose your words with great and utter care.Say your Wishes.What do you wish for ?

  1. To know and be cared for faithfully and wisely by and with the benefaction and benefactor I’ve come upononce sure I know whats the limitations, intent, and so on of entity/item if infifinte wishes is banned…Bracers that give me powers akin to Jojo’s Bizzare adventure’s ripple and manipulation and the powers of Genjuro and the supertouch sense between Toph Beifong, Matt Murdock and Barrier Bypassing Unsurpassed Sense of Touch and Taste from Exalted First Editiona teleportation ring that works on location and other qualites (take me to the nearest woman with a medical degree who is unmarried with three children or 42.4899334,-83.4759009)This means I have widely utilitarian and applicable touch control/healing abilties with the sense to use/understand and experiment with them and do shit like make my own monsters and, someday, cure cancer with a touch and reach through the body to affect immaterial stuff (but don’t get cocky) while having wide movement and so onAll while being able to take it off, pass it down, share, or put aside so I don’t run into so “power drive me miserable” thing.

The more precise you define your wishes, the less the chance that the wishes backfire

"I wish for imperishable and protective and strengthening always well fitted and comfortable and easy for a wearer to put on or takeoff but the hardest to steal or snatch bracers that are subtly charmed to grant or enable or provide charms and magic related to touch starting with a superhuman sense of touch and hearing so acute that wearer’s fingers can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page to read by touch, able to extend this to make the rest of skin is equally sensitive, enabling the wearer to feel minute temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere around the wearer

(btw no matter the pronoun any human or target granted the bracers by their owner, ME, benefits from all of this no specific gender ASSUME I mean man or woman or whatever)

even with the wearers senses of smell and hearing blocked, the wearer can feel the presence of another person or object standing five feet away from himself or herself simply by that persons heat and disturbance of air, this also grants the ability to manipulate his or her own muscles and internal organs giving him or her the ability to have total body control, increasing the wearer’s strength and reflexes to peak human levels, increasing the wearer’s agility to enhanced human levels, and also giving the wearer the ability to numb the wearer to pain and this supernatural extension of perception and control and use thereof includes the ability to manage any sensations or input more effectively to avoid overload and learn to know and accept such input that the wearer receives so the wearer can AT THE LEAST perform feats such as easily judge the quality of fabric and metals with casual inspection, hear animals burrowing beneath the ground, listen in clearly on conversations through thick doors, listen in on a whispered conversation a mile away in still air or 100 yards away indoors, in windy conditions or in noisy situations such as a busy mall or din-filled stadium with the developed but still able to be bettered skilled reading of vibrations through seismic sense to “feel” even the most minute vibrations in the earth, including the march of ants several meters away and the presence of trees and buildings allowing the wearer to instinctively and easily visualize where people and items are, relative distance and physical build/composition, additionally can choose to transcend physical limits and extend his or her sense hearing and touch past any barrier or distance not greater or thicker than 5 yards - this doesn’t actually interact with the object regarding such remote feeling by touch, simply gain sensory impressions -along with a form of echolocation or selective low energy wave projection which travels outward, bounces off objects around the wearer, and returns to receiving of Bracers and users cognition which can synthesize a very close analogue of three-dimensional three hundred and sixty degree sight OR use ambient sounds do the same.

Next the charms of the bracers also grant the abilities to intimately interact with living and similar material/beings with abilities like Shinreitejutsu or Psychic Surgery of such level the wearer can without tools perform a surgical procedure with him or her penetrating into the subject’s form with no ill-effect unless being intended and while merged/within the subject able to perform many different nigh platonic perfect unscarring undamaging uninfecting operations to the level of even creating chimeras by inserting genetic material or parts from another creature into another, touching or interacting with the immaterial through the medium of the lifeform, banish or command cancers or “invisible ailments and forces” within, and through touch communicate ‘talk’ to anything of the body, while better able to use the next ability due to positioning.

Thirdly will be solar healing and energy manipulation much like Jojo Bizarre Adventure’s Ripple or Hamon which can control and manipulate elements and energies in alignment with the human or other lifeforms’ bodies allowing the wearer, through where the wearer’s touch has been enhanced, to radiate energy with properties supernaturally healthy/purifying so strong that in fauna or flora it can heal or perform any medical feat with insane, miraculous results and precision (such as reversing necrosis) while also promoting bodily health and feels wonderful by default. This radiating healing sun-like energy conducts very well through water and, at master levels, can be stored and transmitted through other media (though air blasts seem not a thing) with water being really good, certain oils or fluids ENHANCING it, and certain animals/organs moreso. This energy also damages undead, ameliorates sickness, weakens if not annihilates malignant forces or spirits and promotes positivity while transmitting sensations or even commands much akin to to what the wearer can do for themselves with their OWN enhanced touch/hearing when this healthy safe (unless intended otherwise can do any medical stuff) energy is applied in accordance to the wearer’s control and will."

: puts them on and recognizes he didn’t specify look or style, though benefactor did not screwed him over there.

Relaxes and feels the effect, enhancing only fingertips. …then palms, down to his wrists and…stops. Closes and opens hands feeling insides of it, then own skin, the air

He isn’t hurt or totally overwhelmed but it is an amazing experience. Just touching…feeling stuff is a revelation his head a tingle…eyes wide. He is soon near manic with the sensation. He briefly uses the sense extension, able to feel through and within items even his own body. It’s weirder than when he played with that weird hardware store material that whenever he ran his fingers over instantly made his nipples tighten. Here and now his gums tingle at the sensation of what his guts feel like without touching them or moving them but feeling his hand on and then through his heart is shocking. Particularly as his experiencing it changes its beat Rhythm and sensation. He can almost feel the colors inside him through heat differences .

He hasn’t even utilized the radiant energy for a greater sense of communication and understanding of the cells tissues proteins and other things that make him up.

It’s not arousing in a pornographic sense but in a holistic one. every part of his mind; his thoughts; his body is elevated to a New Sensation. New thoughts, opportunities, A Whole New Horizon is open. And this isn’t even the full extension and use of this one of the three General powers that he has.
Even better with practice he can enhance himself and further himself.

It’s too much.
he has to lie down

His eyes seeming in a complete vibration and spin even though they’re perfectly in place though not seeing or at least his vision isn’t the most dominant and surest sense for him now. He’s almost scared what it will be like to take them off. So, slowly, he dims The Sensation from one hand, but keeps the other the same. He works the bracer off the ‘normal’ one allowing the other to stay enhanced.

It is disconcerting.


A little scary to know what’s missing.

But he adapts.

He can come back.

He works his fingers into the wide opening then out the narrow and soon the bracer is back in place. All while laying down.

Certain that he can handle it or at least convincing himself he has to he decides to take a leap and enhance his entire sense of touch. Closing his eyes. Allowing for both the seismic and sonar or echolocation Sensations and senses to overcome him. Then the sense extension allowing him to bypass barriers and distance. It’s overwhelming and then at the same time not. He’s learning to use a new sense or at least a once taken for granted sense in a new, deeper, wider way.

He notes that he’s starting to hyperventilate and with a slight bit of will controls the breathing in his lungs and actions of his diaphragm as if he was a practiced vocal and breath specialist. He remembers a bit of trivia about how heart rate can help burn fat. He turns his senses inward.
There’s a lot his near middle-aged body isn’t doing right. He doesn’t have a medical degree he has no actual medical experience. But when you can feel it you can feel it out. Just like seeing someone bleeding and stumbling you know something is wrong. Seeing this or that vein pump so hard or this or that organ quiver in such a way. Or the arrangement of certain tissues. It’s hard to keep all of it on track at a moment. But he takes it in section-by-section and then goes back over it again and again. He’s lost; like exploring new toy or a great website or playing a new video game. But it’s him his body a virtual universe so complicated in its interactions and Arrangements

No not a universe. That’s Grander wider more more scale then he even with his current senses could probably directly grasp. But in many ways simpler for all of its Grandeur. This is even more complex more precise more chaotic and yet at the same time delicate while being something of a miracle or an odd beating insanity. It’s not so much that he can see as feel the chemical breakdowns and processes and Flushing or flows.
He works in order to make sure that this organ gets the right amount of blood and that increases any filtration that he can. All while creating a sort of resting strong heart thud

He is by patchwork entering the kind of self controlled meditative state of body that yoga Masters would take a lifetime in order to begin to do.

But it’s working.

All while laying down he’s effectively doing powerful micro crunches multiple times a minute. His cardiovascular system is pumping as if he’s running, almost. But at the same time his Heart is being reinforced. This is where he realizes he’s already started to use the healing radiant energy. It came almost second nature to him. He felt what was going on in his body. He made the command but he also foresaw how it was going to go wrong, much like you can see before it actually tells the wobble and unease in a spinning top

He’s tempted to open his eyes. He knows his arms are somehow down to his elbows within his own torso. He’s not bleeding out where they enter. it’s more like the flesh is merged, passed through it like a kind of accepting ooze or jello

It’s instinctive more than intellectual. But his observation shows it’s working. he sends energy precisely to the heart. it’s able to beat hard and fast while healing without being damaged from the effort despite this being higher than what he normally would be able to push himself towards even if he was running let alone just laying down. He is tempted to do more. remove plaque from the veins or what he suspects are the beginning forms of cancer or semi malignant tumors. But even in the 15 minutes he’s been able to look at his body with his own senses he knows that it’s all connected… even with his Edge he can’t just randomly decide to play Doctor not just yet. Right now he’s just using is Supernatural tool to enhance a natural process that he can direct and observe

At first it’s another 15 minutes then another 30. And then within two and a half hours he feels as if he’s both gotten everything he needs in terms of learning but needs to rest.

He’s cheated

being able to direct with psychic surgery water within his body to the right place but at the same time sending energy Beyond just the heart in order to overall create a hardiness in his body with Vigor and tenacity and healing. That is how working out works. you intentionally strain the body and let it heal so that it can grow stronger. Only in his case he doesn’t lose elements so much as rearrange them and increase them with Vigor and energy that’s projected through the bracers into his cells and tissues. Eventually having a cumulative effect on his organs and thus his body.
He removes any acids that would make moving pure agony as well as limit the worst of the fatigue poisons that his body is producing from his vigorous activity of laying down and resting with an amazingly rapping yet strengthening heart.
Worried about the effects that being in a dream state might be he opens his eyes just so that that way the image of his arms dipped into his torso at his sides can burn themselves into his brain. Despite his personal control he loses his bladder.
This is a very weird sight even from his limited perspective.

But he keeps his eyes fixated, perversely fascinated, as he pulls the arms out and there’s absolutely no Mark or scar just as if nothing had happened at least to the eye. Or at least to his untrained eye. who knows what a proper doctor or experienced nurse would see. But he can feel what the happened inside. He starts his first practical experiment. Reaching down to his legs he’s able to control the absorption ability of his legs and lower body and while his jeans are still Stained it’s lightly as if his skin it suddenly becomes sponges or towels in order to take in the urine
But while it’s in his body he can separate it. the waste is put back in his bladder while the usable, still so warm, water is recycled back to his body just like he had been doing out of the fat in his stomach and other places that it was excessively stored. His kidneys respond in pain
He turns over stiff. He has to try again and again to regularly and then draw upon his power to actually control his body. Then ambulate over two a toilet to relieve himself properly.
It’s too thick. it’s BBurns leaving. But he knows it’s not an infection. it’s just that the waste part is too prevalent. He sends radiant energy into the relevant veins and arteries and capillaries and tissues to help alleviate the damage the extra irritating

His breath has been elevated hot heavy with carbon from the mere two-hour “work out” even if he didn’t know the factoid from listening online he felt how some of his fat was broken down into water and then carbon dioxide and he was now expelling it as much as he could

He had to redirect more water deep into his balls as he sat in order to finish passing any more immediate waist and poisons in his body. He even included parts of damaged tissues and organs that he knew that he could rapidly replace or at least since together with rapid psychic surgery.

All in all the entire ordeal is about 5 hours. He doesn’t look that much different when he looks into the mirror but his knees no longer hurt fixing them was amazingly easy especially when he could see what was so wrong with them. And he strengthen them too. He’s got major cottonmouth though despite all of his rearranging things despite the fact that he’s supplemented himself with radiant energy as much as possible he needs nutrients and water.

He once again has to ambulate himself to a kitchen sink and get a glass. Despite the fact he’s controlling things almost from remote command he doesn’t have trouble actually getting a firm grip on the glass operating the sink and then getting some water in it. It’s more bringing it to his mouth and even then if he hadn’t been in such a hurry he wouldn’t have banged the rim onto his teeth

He was just so goddamn thirsty. Efficiently push the water past certain barriers without a drowning or interacting were not wanted by keeping one hand within his chest opposite his heart. It’s easier now to drink with one hand then it was with two. And the sensations of his body come back. Not that they were gone so much as it feels more coherent healthier safer better

He’s been pre-diabetic for a while and like most men in America he hasn’t been hydrating properly. It’s a number of more glasses before he feels comfortable that he can cheat and move himself back to his bathroom then gets into the shower. then steps out of the shower in order to disrobe so that that way his clothes aren’t in the way for his little experiment. He steps in and turns on the water keeping it cold pulls up the latch in order to make it shower and then uses his absorption trick through the skin with both of his hands in his body. He looks practically armless his mouth is open, even extended. His mandible is unhinged with various tendons and muscles strengthened and yet at the same time made more Supple for the action. Even his eyes have been partially altered so that all orifices absorb more and more water.

:half and hour later:

He’s not quite bone dry. Quite the opposite it’s more like his skin is well lotioned and moisturized site for his hair it’s not like he just came out a long shower. It’s funny how he can actually feel the water on it and the sensation of it either moving being absorbed his hair growing or it evaporating

He lays down on his mat turns over and closes his eyes for a proper sleep. Having debated that no attempting to do the whole physical yoga meditation sleeptrance will be pushing himself way too much. He just needed to rest

It’s only when he moves his arms along the sheets that he feels the sensation that tells and reminds him the bracers are still on

He definitely doesn’t want to risk using them any further if he’s in an altered state of consciousness. It turns out the charm on removing them is even better than he expected and without him actually recalling doing so they are soon to the side up neatly next to his head when he cracks open an eye. Like with a gascap at the station. He’s already prepared his body very well to make this an incredibly rejuvenating style of rest. Not quite RPG restore yourself after being firebombed and slashed but this is going to be amazing. He wonders if he’s actually going to grow a whole night younger healthier and wholer

But soon he’s out faster than his Lids can close and snoring very restfully

Before you ask yes I speak English as a first language I write that crappily
Now I don’t mind clarifying or elaborating on anything. And I know it can be a bit of a difficult read but still it’s not even a really good vignette but I still want to share it and I would love any feedback that I can get. Well more response I suppose