How to get in touch with Authors

I’m liking a number of stories on the site and would like to get in touch with the authors before I submit my stories. How exactly do I do that other than placing a comment on the story saying please contact me? Thanks for your help with this.

Some authors publish their e-mails with their stories, so that’s one way. You may want to look at a few different stories/chapters, because it’s an option for each submission, so authors might have made different choices at different times. (I know I have!)

Another option is to join us in our Discord chat. Not all authors are there, but some are.

If that all fails, then your only real option after that is to post on their story. Theoretically, you can also post here and hope they notice, but I imagine posting to their story is the better choice.


As an author, I do encourage you (and everyone else) to contact the authors. Email if available, or comments here. It is most encouraging and is something you will like when your stories are posted.


Thanks for the replies and the information; I’ll try to take those approaches. I definitely do want to respect their work and when I get around to post my own I’ll try to respond to comments.

How exactly do I do that (i.e. post to their story)? There’s one author who hasn’t been on for a while with no e-mail, so if I were to go with that story, how would I post to their story?

If you add a comment to one of his stories, your comment will be forwarded to his email, even if his address is hidden to the user (unless he’s explicitly disabled the notification or hasn’t entered a valid email address in the first place).

So that’s your best chance.

May I ask which author you want to get in touch with? Maybe I can help, too.

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It’s Hypnocigarboy; his Spiderman symbiote story inspired me to write a story alongside what he wrote. He hasn’t posted in almost 2 years and the Tumblr link that he lists doesn’t really provide a way to contact him. Thank you so much for helping me with this Martin; I really appreciate it.

Can I give him your email address?

Absolutely; again thanks for the help with this.

I’ve sent him a mail. Now it’s up to him!

Thanks a lot, Martin; he got in touch with me and is ok with me writing my side story. This wouldn’t have happened without your assistance. Again thank you.

PS-I like your Community Service story.


Good to hear that this worked out for you.

And I’m happy to hear that you like the story :slight_smile: