How was Hypnocon 2023?

How was it? Can we get a full report? Where will Hypnocon 2024 be?

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Yes, as someone who can’t attend, I’d love to hear as much detail as anyone’s willing to give about it.

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I didn’t go, but DalHyp wrote his usual post-weekend recap/summary here: Dalhyp on Tumblr


I was very skeptical of the way it was set up this year - the (expensive) host hotel wouldn’t let anyone in who didn’t book a room there. Lots of socializing and hypno hookups are done in the host hotels (and it sounds like a lot was done in the resort’s nude pool area this year), and I would have missed out on all of that. But all of the actual group events were held offsite, so it sounds like it worked at least a little better than I thought it would. And they did Fractionation Station, my favorite group activity from the last Hypnocon I went to! I would have liked to have seen the Yes induction he described, too.

Next year it looks like it’ll be in Boston for the weekend, with the wealthier folks continuing it informally on a cruise ship which leaves Boston Sunday. Gearing things toward the wealthier attendees seems to be a recent trend that I’m not happy to see. The rationale is that for the core group, this is one of their big vacations each year, so they want places that have a lot to offer outside the Con itself. I think that’s going to end up being a yearly con for the same twenty guys in the end. I’ll wait to see what hotel they pick, but if it’s an expensive resort thing again I won’t be going. At least they’re finally going back to the East Coast next year.