Hub site

The hub site is now online!

The hub site gives you access to all stories posted on our network of sites full of hot gay sex stories.

So if you want to get to see all of the stories, the hub site should be your favorite site to use - and it can also be the single site you ever need.


Do I need any of the other sites to see or find any story posted on the other sites?

No, you can access all stories on, regardless of where they were initially published.

How can I see which site a story was published on?

There is a small icon under a story’s summary showing which site this story belongs to:

In the screenshot above you see that the story’s primary site is GaySpiralStories (the blue spiral left of the category “Powers & Magic”.

And you can also see that the story has been cross-posted to both (the yellow bow) and to (the brown collar).

Can I still select which content I get to see?

Yes, you can use the “Categories” filter, which is present on almost every page, to select which sites and categories you want to see the stories from.

Click the “unfold” button on the right (downward arrow) to see the selection of individual categories. Or just disable a site completely.

Then you won’t see any stories using the deselected categories or sites.

But remember that this way you might overlook really hot content!

How do I post a story for a specific site?

It actually does not matter which site you are on when submitting a story. On the submission dialog, you’ll have to select which is the primary site for the story and the additional sites the story is cross-posted to.

Why are there separate sites if I can get everything on

The site originated from, which has created a very unique and special community.

I wanted to extend our scope to include more diverse stories, but if I’d just allowed any kind of story on, I would have destroyed this grown community that has grown over the course of almost 20 years.

That’s why I decided to start new separate sites which exist next to each other, each site focused on a specific kink, potentially attracting different people.

But since that made it quite cumbersome to access all of the stories, it became quite obvious, that we also need a place where all the stories are listed in one single list. And this is what has been created for.

Which sites are there and how can I access them?

Currently, there are three specialized sites:

  • - Erotic and romantic stories about men in love with each other.
  • - Stories about men being involved in mind control, hypnosis, transformation, reprogramming, and more.
  • - Hot stories about bondage and the dynamic between dominant and submissive men.

You can easily switch to either of these sites using the “GayEroticaSites” tab on the main page:

Why is the site called Gay KINKY Stories? Do all of the stories have to be kinky?

No, especially on you’ll see stories that are just about romance, first sex, and other stuff, which can be seen as quite vanilla (some might argue, though, that romance is a kink in itself :slight_smile: ).

The reason we chose the name is basically that we couldn’t find any better site name which wasn’t already taken. And we wanted to maintain the Gay—Stories name scheme.

Will there be more specialized sites?

Yes, we are in fact planning to add soon, a site featuring stories about leather, rubber, spandex, and other gear-related kinks.

And if there’s demand, we’ll always be open to adding more sites. There is an endless amount of kinks, and I don’t discriminate. Contact me at if you want to see another themed site!


Congrats on the new site! The homepage banner is super hot, and it’s great to see all the content in one place.