Hypnosis & Mind Control videos

It looks like this one Gdude-JP - Brotherhood - Hunt


This looks good, anybody have a copy of this?

I have dozens of regular mind control/hypno clips for tv shows and movies if anyone’s interested. There’s nothing sexual about most of them.


Interesting what you say, ultimate. I’ve rarely been aroused by moving-image porn. To me it always seems incredibly phony and no one ever seems to be enjoying what they’re doing. So since your collection contains non-sexual material, can you describe a few that you think succeed in being arousing?

Sure. I completely agree with you about hypno porn. It’s generally poorly acted by porn stars that have no actual interest in hypnosis. I personally love the dominance aspect of it, so that’s what I look for when I search for videos. I also appreciate it when they change the eye color of the person doing the mind controlling. I’d rather jerk one out to my video collection than most of what’s been posted on this thread, no offense haha


For example, I found this one yesterday. It’s my current favorite. I’m gay, but I find it so hot that this [hot] dude amassed a haram of women so easily through a simple touch and kiss.


I’d be interested in those videos :smiley:

This is one of my favorites


This is what been revving my engines lately, I just wished to know Russian to understand what he’s saying.

Says you have to be friends with Hypnomage to view it…

ThisVid is the porn site where you effectively select the clips you want to watch in a week or more as you wait for the uploader to approve your friend request. Then when you finally see it, it turns out it wasn’t worth the wait, but you start looking around for new ones anyway, and repeat.


But when you find those rare gems chef’s kiss

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Anyone know where this video is originally from?

I can only figure out that it’s from JustForFans.

This is from "YourNewHandler"s justfor fans

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If you are curious, msg me and I’ll give you a link to download a version with both original Russian and roughly translated English subtitles. As to why the videos are locked, this seems to prevent them from being deleted (I’ve only lost 6 or 7 from the 400+ uploads). And I agree that it’s a mixed bag, but there is a “lid for every pot…” What someone finds is their goto is a turn off for others.

A long time ago I shared a link to The Twilight Hole by Randy Blue. It is about a guy being turned gay by a Magic watch bombarding his mind with images of naked men.
I recently found this promotional photo not from the finished video. I find it insanely hot. Maybe some Will find inspiration to write a story based on it.

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For me, that pic is a realization of a scene from a wonderful story, Sinister Intentions, in particular, chapter 8.

does anyone know some videos where the word “master” is very present?