Hypnosis & Mind Control videos

A porno came out recently from Men.com called “But That Dick Is So Good” in which Trevor is really annoyed with his boyfriend JJ, but when Trevor tries to break up with him, JJ just smirks and pulls out his hard cock. Trevor is immediately entranced by JJ’s dick, and though he tries to resist, he submits in the end, kneeling down to suck JJ’s cock and telling him that he’ll be JJ’s boyfriend forever. I thought you guys would find it really hot, even though there isn’t any explicit mind control in it.

PS is there a thread where we can post about gay hypno porn videos and photographs?

Edit: if anyone has any gay mind control videos, you can put a link and description in this thread. It doesn’t even have to be a porn video. Any hypnosis-themed videos that turned you on are acceptable. Thanks!

PS: if any of my links stop working or get deleted, let the poster know so someone can find an alternative


No, but you’re very welcome to start one… :yum:

I always find videos on hypnotism and mind control quite lacking, because the bad acting makes it completely unbelievable. But if there were some good material, I’d most certainly be interested a lot!


You’ve probably already heard of it, but have you seen the porno Going Under? It’s a little old, but its really hot, and the acting isn’t too bad, at least by porn standards.

Its about a hypnotherapist that helps his hot, young, male clients fix their problems, like curbing their smoking addiction, or exercising more, except he also gives them sexual compulsions on the side. He transforms a guy’s smoking addiction into an addiction to sucking cock, he turns a total top gym bunny into a slutty pig bottom, and he makes a third guy periodically fall in love with him.

There are a couple of other hypno pornos out there, but this is definitely one of the best. I’ve gotten off to it more than any other porno. My favourite scene is definitely the one where he turns the muscular top into a bottom. Anyone who’s a fan of this site should check it out.


Also, if anybody on here is bisexual, you should check out Daphne’s Fantasies. If I could have one wish, it would be for a gay version of this site where all the women are all muscular guys instead. Basically the site has dozens of videos in which a guy uses some kind of hypnosis, be it a hypnotic trance, a voodoo doll, a spiked drink, a hypnotizing dick, a genie, a hypnotic voice, or a magic remote control, to turn a woman into his mindless, loving sex slave. He usually uses it on one or two other girls and the final scene is them having a big threesome or foursome where the guy is the centre of attention. There’s always a story to go along with it, he’s usually hypnotizing his ex-girlfriend, or his coworker or something. One movie involves a guy vacationing in a town he’s been to before. He goes to the house of a woman he previously hypnotized, triggers her into trance, and has her be his personal slave while he visits, waking him up with a morning blowjob, cooking his breakfast, etc.

Now, I’m completely gay, so I mostly skip over the actual sex, but the hypnosis scenes are so hot that I still watch them every now and then. The acting and special effects are goddamn amazing for a porn website, so I recommend it to anyone who’s into girls, or into a guy having his way with you with a smug grin on his face. It’s also a really great place to get ideas for a story you want to write!


Another porno with hypno themes is SuperCharge.
Its about a guy named Fred who finds magic hair gel that gives him the power to read others’ thoughts. He uses this to instigate a few sexual encounters, for example, he hears that two of his roommates are attracted to each other and he sets them up.
Later on, though, Fred’s douchey roommate Brad gets the hair gel and figures out how to use it for mind control. He mind controls a guy into sleeping with him, but the guy’s boyfriend walks in halfway through. Brad calms the boyfriend down and hypnotizes him into joining them for a threesome
In Scene 5 Fred comes home and Brad controls Fred against his will. He makes Fred crawl to him, lick his feet and suck his cock, before Fred turns the tables on him.


Hardkinks released a really hot video called Medallion of Power.
In this one, Hans Berlin is interviewing for a job at Isaac Eliad’s german company, but Isaac refuses to hire him because of Hans’ american accent. Hans then pulls out his magic medallion which makes Isaac completely obedient. He makes Isaac strip naked and fingers his mouth and his ass. He makes Isaac suck his cock and beg for Hans to take the job. He commands Isaac to lick and worship his feet, He then fucks Isaac, and after he cums, he decides he doesn’t even want the job, leaving Isaac panting and covered in his seed.


A movie called “Shoot the Chute” from 1997 had a pretty hot final scene. I’m not even sure what the movie’s plot is because I was only ever able to find last 15 minutes here, but let me tell you, they are a hot 15 minutes!

The final scene depicts a magician talking to you, the viewer, and reading your fortune with cards. The final card is a picture of the magician. He laughs and explains this means he owns you now. He tells you to follow him, and you cannot disobey. He brings you to a room filled with all of the men from the movie, naked and chained to the wall. They are all moaning and sweaty. He commands them and their dicks start to harden. They begin to thrust into the air, desperately trying to fuck a hole that isn’t there. Finally, one by one, The Magician commands each of them to cum, which they do, from nothing but his magic powers. He finally points to You (played by Alex Stone) and you are thrown up against the wall by his magic powers, as you begin to thrust and cum, just like the rest.


The first 5 minutes of a straight asian porno, shown here and here, shows the protagonist trying out his hypno pen on a male colleague in the bathroom before he goes to use it on the girls. He makes the guy jerk off, then makes him lick the urinals in the bathroom. He then leaves the guy in the bathroom, unable to stop licking the urinals.

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@Yourmind123 Hey man so I don’t have much to add but I wanted to say thumbs up for posting these. It’s really cool to read! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I wish there was more gay porn for this kink, but there isn’t much, so I wanted to compile what I had.

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I agree with Heru, I find it extremely interesing to read about these and watch some of them! So please don’t stop :slight_smile:


I’m glad you like them! I’ll definitely keep it up, although to be honest I only know 3-4 other ones. Like I said, there aren’t many, which is honestly a shame. I think it would work especially well, since half the gay pornos out there have the exact same plot of convincing a straight guy to have gay sex. It’d be so easy to introduce mind control or hypnosis into that. Regardless, if anyone else has some gay hypno videos, they’re totally welcome to add to this thread!

This one’s not a porn film, just a 30 second funny Geico commercial, but it got me really hot. Its about a guy saying that getting Geico is as easy as learning hypnosis. He’s lounging in his backyard on a chair while a smiling man with glazed eyes stands next to him witch a pitcher of juice, ready to refill the hypnotist’s glass whenever it runs empty. The hypnotist texts his neighbour to come over and immediately puts him into a trance just by saying “sleep”. He tells his tranced neighbour that he wants to clean the hypnotist’s gutters for him. He wakes the neighbour up, and the neighbour immediately leaves to clean the gutters. The camera pans out to show dozens of men cleaning every inch of the hypnotist’s house, while the hypnotist orders one of them to go make him a frittata. An after credits scene shows the hypnotist swinging a pocketwatch at and telling you to use Geico in a deep voice.


In Blue Thunder Dominated by the Professor, psychology Professor Pullman (Lance Hart) has discovered how to control people’s bodies (though not their minds). He has apparently used this power to enslave the university’s wrestling team. Then, superhero Blue Thunder bursts into his office to arrest him, but Professor Pullman immediately commands him to freeze with a snap of his fingers. Blue Thunder is still aware and can speak, but he has to obey Pullman’s every word. While Blue Thunder protests, Pullman feels him up, stroking his chest, groping his bulge, rubbing his shoulders, slapping his ass, all while mocking and teasing him. Pullman continues to grope him as he forces Blue Thunder to pull out his dick and start jerking himself off. He cums on the professor’s chair, and Pullman tells him he’ll be cleaning that up- but not before servicing him. He commands Blue Thunder to drop to his knees and suck Pullman’s cock. Blue Thunder protests even as he sinks to his knees, his refusals muffled by Pullman’s dick in his mouth. He;s aware of what’s happening, but can’t stop himself from sucking and slurping. Eventually the professor cums in his mouth, then tells him to freeze. Blue Thunder is frozen with his mouth open, unable to swallow or spit the cum, so it just pools in his mouth, until the professor commands him to let the jizz dribble out his mouth and down his chin. Finally he tells Blue Thunder to sleep.

Th second half of the video isn’t really mind control, but still kind of hot. Blue Thunder wakes up tied chained to a wall. Professor Pullman has stopped mind controlling him, deciding that he wants to break Blue Thunder’s mind into servitude the old-fashioned way. He alternately uses his hands and a vibrator to edge Blue Thunder’s cock, trying to get him to beg for release and cement his place as Pullman’s slave.


There’s a really gay porno from 1999 called Animus. Unfortunately, the audio for this link and this link doesn’t always match up with the video. If you CAN find a good link to it, definitely check it out, because its hot as hell, and the acting is actually pretty great overall! Some of its not good, but even the actors who aren’t good still put a lot of passion into it, so the bad scenes feel more campy and fun, rather than awkward and stupid like most porn acting.

The basic plot is that there is a home burglar (named The Animus by the news) that’s been terrorizing the city, breaking into the homes of many people to steal their cash and jewels. The thing is, the Animus has some sort of hypnotic voice, and can goad people into doing what he wants. It probably helps that he’s incredibly sexy, and the close-up shots of his mouth as he whispers his commands feel more pornographic than the actual sex. He’s not actually a very good burglar, and he usually gets caught and held at gunpoint by the houseowners once he breaks in. The first time, he gets caught by a straight couple, and after tying up the wife, he hypnotizes the husband into sleeping with him… right in front of the wife. Later on he breaks into a gay couple’s home, and has a threesome with them when they capture him. These scenes are so, so hot! Thomas Lloyd is sexy as fuck as The Animus, and the way his victims are slowly entranced by his repeated commands is amazing. Their eyes will start to glaze over as they slowly lower the gun and inch closer to him, trying so hard to resist, but unable to break the spell he has on them, before finally giving into the carnal lust he has placed in them.

Running parallel to this is the story of gay Detective Joe Dominoe, who is assigned The Animus case, and slowly becomes obsessed with the enigmatic thief over the course of the movie, which culminates, of course, in a climactic sex scene. Joe’s story is a lot more straightforward, but still very arousing. It plays like one of those old detective noirs, except the gay subtext is just text. We see him with a one-night stand before going to work where his boss Captain Jack Simmons assigns him this case and expresses how the city is in a panic over the Animus and that they need to stop him. Joe begins to unravel, always just a step behind the Animus, become obsessed, lusting after the man. He starts to hide evidence from his boss and pursue leads on his own, before finally catching the Animus, in a pretty crazy finale for a porn movie. (There’s also a subplot where the Captain seduces a suspect to get info)

Honestly, this film is the closest I’ll ever get to an explicitly gay film-noir, which is kinda sad, but also kind of amazing. Very few porn movies actually have real, interesting stories in them. This was one of the only ones where I watched it beginning to end (over a few days) because I actually wanted to know how the story would end!

If you want a version of it where the audio is a bit better, try this or this. The problem is, these videos are private, and you’ll have to get a thisvid account and friend one of these guys if you want to see it. Honestly I recommend it. There’s a lot of weird stuff on thisvid, but basically every gay hypno video on the planet is on there if you friend the right people


I started watching it. The first scene is super hot. The tying up of the wife and fucking the husband is amazing. He turns him into a good boy. Hehe

I need to watch more later. Lol

Great video. So cool you posted it!


Oh and it gives me an idea of a story with similar themes. The idea of him targeting straight couples and fucking the husbands is great. Obviously the couple don’t remember his face and the husband finds that he enjoyed it.

Maybe afterward they join a gym or go to therapy, which he happens to own or do.

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Another one that stars what appears to be the same professor (certainly the same actor) as the Blue Thunder one is: Aspen Hypnotized. (Update: link no longer works for me and I couldn’t find the full video anywhere, at least not quickly. Part of it can be seen here).

Aspen is straight and has gone through a recent breakup. He goes to see the professor and is most certainly not hypnotized, since the professor isn’t licensed to do that. While relaxed and “not hypnotized”, he’s commanded to strip, and to be perfectly relaxed and comfortable being naked around the professor. He later allows the professor to blow him before leaving the office.

In their next appointment, he automatically strips, and with a bit more encouragement, he happily sucks the professor off. The video ends with Aspen understanding that he now belongs to the professor.


One of my favourites, thanks for including it! I love the ending when he cums in Aspen’s mouth, but Aspen hasn’t been told to swallow, so he just kneels there with his mouth open, the semen overflowing and dribbling down his chin as he stares blankly into space, repeating his mantra that men should give each other blowjobs


I think this falls under mindcontrol… Magic Ring
A guy is visited by gets a door-knocker horny by shoving a magic cockring down his pants, have been trying to find the porno it’s from with no luck.


Not a porno, but a quick scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which Dracula casually uses his powers to hypnotize Xander into doing his bidding. Xander tries to resist , but keeps slipping and calling Dracula “Master”, slowly succumbing to the vampire’s will, though his personality remains intact. The clip ends with Dracula vanishing and Xander giggling as he happily runs off to do his Master’s bidding. Its kind of dumb and played for laughs, but I used to have a thing for Xander, and I remember finding it pretty hot