Hypnosis videos trade

Hi, I´ve seen some posts sharing links and sites of hypnosis related videos. I wonder if anyone has some videos from this web: Sexual Fantasy Paradise | Clips4sale
and might be interested in trading for some of mine, I have videos from 911, men.com, sfp and more.

Hi, I only have 5 vids from SFP about hypnosis/mind control.
Here are the titles:

  1. 3 Bullies Get What They Deserve
  2. Brendan Undergoes Treatment With Dr.Fer
  3. Fer Makes Brendan Finger Himself
  4. Fer Plays With His Employee
  5. Police Officer Falls Into the Hand of Dr Fer

I also have some videos from hypnosubmission.com if you’re interested. You can email me at biatchwtfits@gmail.com if you want them.

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Hi, I only have one video: a hypnotist in Russia encounters a security guard late at night while working. The hypnotist lulls the guard to sleep, takes his wallets, and wakes him up forgetting the encounter.

You can email me at lovetomindcontrol@proton.me

PS. If someone can translate what’s being said in Russian, I would be very grateful.

Hola, solo tengo un video: un hipnotizador en Rusia se encuentra con un guardia de seguridad a altas horas de la noche mientras trabaja. El hipnotizador adormece al guardia, le quita la cartera y lo despierta olvidándose del encuentro.

Puedes enviarme un correo electrónico a lovetomindcontrol@proton.me

PD. Si alguien puede traducir lo que se dice en ruso, se lo agradecería mucho.

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If you have any hypnosis videos from anywhere, and if you are interested to trade (my collection is not that big, but I also have hypno mangas), please contact me.