Hypnovember and Hypnoctober

Hey All,

Coming back after a couple of trips for some events out of state. So over on ReadOnlyMind I’m seeing these Hypnovember and Hypnoctober series of stories and I wanted to know where you find the topics for these writing topics. Or authors just coming up with topics that they write on over the month. If anyone has any info on this, please let me know.

I saw a list by date on someone’s Tumblr last year. There was no explanation for it; whether he had created it himself or gotten it from someone/somewhere. They were pretty random one word writing prompts.

Hypnozys(.tumblr.com) is working a similar list right now. He couldn’t quite write one story caption every day, so he’s fallen a little behind, but he’s promised to finish all 30 stories in December. He said he got the list from a friend; you can see it at https://at.tumblr.com/hypnozys/700262960213508096/7ouij55kj21a

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Thanks for responding to my inquiry; shortly after I posted the initial question I entered HypNovember and HypnOctober in Google and found what I was looking for. Now that I can find them, I might do a variation on this. Rather than using all the themes, I’ll select a few of them and write a story that uses them over a set number of chapters. The root idea of this project comes from renga, Japanese linked verse. Usually, you compose a set number of verses (normally 100 or 1,000) and you have a set number of verses to deal with a topic and then switch away from it. So I would either roll a die or select a number for each theme and write the story where the theme takes precedence.