I could use some help writing an indulgent part of my Jumpchain

For those who don’t know what [Jumpchain is](http://. The basic premise is pretty simple: you have been chosen to become a Jumper by a seemingly omnipotent being called Jump-Chan, this means that you travel to various fictional (and not so fictional) universes gathering power, wealth, and whatever else you desire as you entertain your patron and prepare for the inevitable conclusion; a knockdown, drag-out, no holds barred fight between you and some of the biggest badasses) these first four paragraphs or so are for you. If you do or at least familiar with online CYOAs skip to \Y/ to get why I’m here about this.

Jumpchaingot its start, I think, on 4chan, a single player CYOA ‘game’/writing challenge
Its long sense expanded from original assumptions and limits. but the basic premise is an otherwise normal person is plucked from reality by powerful being often called a Benefactor or “Jump-Chan”
More rules here

The game part is that you pick, or randomly select from a list of documents detailing settings or scenarios you just might find familiar… but you’ll have to LIVE them for general standard ten years. This is done by ‘Importing’ into a new identity, as if playing a game only your mind merges with the character who can differ in age, gender, and more, sort of, though promised your mind renewed at the end of ten years if you survive it. If killed you will wake up back home. While travelling on the chain past worlds, including your home one, are locked in time.
Generally after your first jump you are offerred a subspace called The Warehouse to carry items of interest with you, and can choose to go home, stay in the new world, or ‘continue’ on a chain to another jump based on another property detailed in the document.

The game part primarily comes from the building session. Jump standard is to start off with 1000 points and to spend them on traits, items, abilities, or circumstances called Perks allowing you to navigate the world, details of which vary per document and setting though there are common trends. What you purchase is, unless you take a Drawback, guaranteed to work in future endeavors including if you are swept off chain or choose to go home.

Variations on the standard exist a current one I am on is the Ten Jump Shuffle Challenge

That means a version of me was plucked by a cosmic entity and given the choice of ten documents out of a listing and even one perk from them. Allowing me a lot of individual power. BUT that also meant I had to take those ten jumps and then in random order.

So picking ten jumps for ten individual powers

Total Recall
    I’m Nobody - Killer skills and reflexes plus underestimation perk? Also regardless of when take this may happily make this a Spark jump and then continue.  Essential
    Evoluder* [SPOILER="text"](800 CP) - You’re the next step in human evolution. Maybe it’s just you, or maybe it’s the G-Stone that’s been beating in your chest, but after a time of intense stress that leaves you near death, your body will surpass its limits and, drawing upon the G-Stone, evolve into an Evoluder. As an Evoluder, you lose a bit (but not all!) of the speed and strength of your artificial body. To make up for it, however, you are now an extremely powerful technopath. You can reprogram and hack machinery and computers with a touch, and your innate talent for controlling machines extends to giant robots, making them far more effective under your control, using them as an extension of your body. You can also breathe in space, at least for a bit. Because Courage, I guess…[/SPOILER]
    Technopathy and being able to breath in space.  Also jump allows me to get GaoGaiGar technology and the right selection there lets me become an Omnidisplinary Scientist.
Secret of Evermore
    Practice Makes Perfect- a disgustingly powerful uncapper in the jump with setting that has easy to cheese scenarios and difficult as well as master fighting and spell work. I am already an Evoluder and the major villains are robots, and with the below and Proffesor Sydney's tutelage should be able replicate and improve my own paradise machine
Wreck-It Ralph
    A Golden Hammer
    The ultimate in healing and upgrade cheese. Especially if you can power it up, say, with an Infinity Gauntlet.  Which no matter when enter with these purchases am specc'ed to get pretty darn easily with Gate of Imagination fakes. Want to recruit Ralph and so many fun oppurtunities abound.
    Spin - Fiat backed ability to disorientate a target AND alter trajectory the more the faster something is? All for doing a bunch of pet tricks for ten years? Yes please.  This means no projectile may hit me.. hell I can likely make it land where I want! FTL items get lost on my whim hahahahahaha
Marvel cinematic Universe
    Touched by Infinity - customized super power? Yes please. tempted to go low but JUST to be safe Reality Stone at 800 for... super illusions. I can create and manipulate light, sound, and images on a truly profound scale without taxing my own mind and letting them take a life of their own. from attaching UI to people, whispering across distances, multispectrum spoofing and "psychic" illusions.  The main use is with Warehouse with portal, link and forcewall, with it can create surfaces to enter and exit a personal subspace and use a fiat indestrucible shield/plane at will.  so intend to make me look more like a portaller with the illusions being subtly used.
Generic Childhood
    GATES OF THE IMAGINATION - Infinite summoning for any nonmartial needs
    (healing, teleportations, telepathic communication are certainly wondrous and amazing) a hyperbolic time chamber and can smuggle ARMIES in picturebooks? Taking it. Essential for swapping out Infinite Stones for Mr M. Titan. Will let the plot play out but undermine after IW and so on.
X-men Evolution
    Mass Production - Genius at analyzing and replicating and improving technology... as an Evoluder?  Will need to load up heavy on drawbacks for plan "power snacking" though
FMA (SB edition)
    Truth(-600CP): Basically genius mastery of alchemy of worlds and just need practice to apply it. Should help in making things from my Gate of Imagination real
Generic Mind Control
    Master PC Trial Mode 400 CP - Comes with absolute oracle software you can channel controlling powers through.. also a high end laptop. hopefully with this and skills in TR will be able to hijack big bads from afar and then use that over power the Awakening or other doomsday scenarios for my own power.

But now in random order of

Secret of Evermore
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Wreck-it Ralph
Generic Childhood
Gao Gai Gar
X-men Evolution,
Total Recall
FMA SB edition
Generic Mind control

Jumps can vary alot in terms of gains and circumstance and costs. Also ten years can mean a lot of difference depending on where or when in a setting you jump. Recall lots of television expands and truncates with years of tv viewing happening in months in story.
As an example, in the first jump I pretty much have to import as a dog and be kept as pet by a family for ten years, entertaining them all the while and ‘chain-fail’ (die/ kicked off) if I’m taken to the pound. Meanwhile ten years in Wreck-it Ralph, based on the first movie, means I’ll be around for the events of the second, and unless derail them, have to suffer or deal with same. Similar the alien invasions of GaoGaiGar of the aftermath of the Mars terraformation of Total Recall
Well it depends as the jump lets you go to any or a blended world based on all three versions of the story, plus tv series derived from it, though favors the Veerhoven one with Schwarzenegger. Still, even the Colin Farrell one from prestory infiltration to end of the movie only lasts about two years, MAX.

What’s the indulgent part? Well note the last jump AND the special item I originally got from it. Eventually I will get the techniques and powers to influence hearts and minds and “Generics” are notorious for allowing you to cross them over with other settings and documents. Already only two and half jumps under my belt leveraging myskills and experiences (not all changes need to be bought you can learn things the old fashion way, common strategy is to load on training boosters to save on purchasing powers and advance past all known limits) I have mastered time stopping beings, tossing fireballs, psychically controlling machines, can shapeshift into two alternate forms (my dog, and my blonde evermore form) and while I not invulnerably immortal I only age as much as I want and am a superb pilot and superspy with amazing control over light, sound, illusion, while being practiced doctor capable of cloning Christopher Reeves to life.

By the time I’m in Generic MC I could be capable of even MORe. And I have a dream of collecting the hot guys (and a few gals) of settings and piling them on a ship and sailing to the future to fight an alien invasion

But while we’re chasing relativity so only dozens of months pass in our vessel while ten centuries two point one decades around us I need to whip our crew of metalhead jersey boys and anyone else who fits Coop’s attitude and look and friendly, if not have his savant skills of high tech juryrigging and piloting. They are mine, to experiment, augment, enhance, seduce, and so soooo much more.

Now most hanky panky is discouraged or at least segregated to specific places, like the QQ or “Questionable Questing drive” which has more deliberately pornographic jumps including Generic Hentai Jumpchain with perks like

Ruined for Marriage (200 CP)
All successful Scoundrels know that before you can conquer a woman’s heart you have to tame her body first. This perk allows you to do just that: your sexual prowess is such that you can now ruin your partners for other men or women, ensuring that they can never be truly satisfied by anyone except you. This happens gradually over the course of multiple encounters. If you’re feeling generous you can selectively designate individuals or groups that this effect doesn’t apply to or simply toggle it off at will.
Additionally, you can also train your partners to have a fetish by exposing them to it. Leaving a bondage magazine out for your girlfriend to find might arouse her curiosity, and convincing her to try it out will have her asking for it again in the future. Focus on one thing for a while and you can train her to be a full-time submissive who can’t get off without being tied up. You can toggle this part of the perk on and off as well.

That’s just one perk in the more romantic and not direct mindcontrol line. Imagine if I’m building a space shuttle filled to the brim with technology from the MCU, GGG, able to channel mind control powers from the MC jump like

Pleasure 100 CP
You can give an incredibly addictive rush of pleasure to someone. Using this a normal person could be made an absolute addict with only a few uses. This power doesn’t only create pleasure, it can also be used to manipulate other senses and reactions.

Emotional Manipulation 100 CP
You can change the emotions someone has or feels towards something. You can view the emotional connections your slave has formed however you will have to actively attempt to view connections. You could figure out someone’s favorite color, but only if you looked to see what their favorite color is. This can also be used to manipulate someone’s actual thoughts although that will take all the focus of a normal person to maintain.

Memory Manipulation 200 CP
You have the ability to alter the memories of those under your control. Even if they somehow regain their old memories the new ones will not disappear and may influence their actions heavily.

Infectious Control 400 CP
Your control naturally spreads between from things you imbue with it. This allows you to create objects that will spread specific commands in some way. For example you create a video that hypnotizes those who watch it to follow a specific command, or a tape that makes someone do something when they hear it. These effects are not as strong as if you did it personally and a
person with above average will power could likely shake off the effects.

Physical Control 200 CP
An ability that extends your mental control to a certain level of physical control. You do not need to understand the biology of your changes, simply will them to be. (Roughly anything within what the body mod could do for the Minion. Large but possible physical changes with some minor impossible ones like adding cat ears.) At will you can return someone to their original form.

the basic Idea is to use a toggle to mix settings like MEGAS XLR, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries aka True Blood, Parasite Eve, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (the fabulous slying psychically gifted anime muscle men), Franken Fran,Generic Hentai; the one with Ruined for Marriage, the Heart Shaped Crest, and ALPHA) into one mega final crossover to gather the skills perks and so on for myself my followers and to set up the scenario of use hopping to the future in the last two to three years of my final jump. While isolated can work any magic I like. This includes pulling things from the Gates of Imagination from comics, stories, and similar to adjust the boys and girls until out the other end we’re augmented to the gills to roll the glorft and also seduced, subverted, remade, and claimed each trainee as sexy supersoldier.

Additional possibilities are Metal Slug- a video game series where the men aren’t as muscled as Jojo’s but include features like massively chubbing up, being 80s action star fit, and getting so good ‘military training’ can punch out a tank
Most are in contemporary modern world not much earlier than 1950 and as late as 2014.

So far ideas are implanting modified STEM chips, Gate out and cultivate some of @absman420 flowers into dust in the scifi showers, or like him play with the Littleman Formula (oooh forgot he made the MilkMen another vector), use genetically tempered fungal slug/leeches enhance their passions/minds/flesh, similarly tempered/prepared living shapeshifting bodygloves/latex creatures with even more upgrades integrated with the creature and synthesize with the humans pulled and trained further by VR alcoves to help imprint advanced mechanics, linguistic, piloting, and skills and training… along with… edits or extras to their identities.

of course just decorating the walls with male themed sexualized Frazetta paintings mixed with work from Bruno B, rickleon, or Blazingcheeks thanks to some perks they’ll start to accept, love and NEED and want to participate into it.

Still I wanna here from you. With that scenario, what upgrades or alterations would you want to see? What could I choose to give? how see people changed or have their minds and memories or little society changed and shaped? And to what outcome for our jumper who does plan to rule the contemporary world and utterly eliminate the Glorft as a threat while also collected guys he likes from live action, illustrated, and other series? What best personal to adopt? how make sure it doesn’t come crashing down or would maintain verisimilitude or interest for you?