I'd love to start my first series and I'd love some help/reccomendations

I’ve finally gotten the itch to make one of my stories into a series, but I don’t know whether it should be or not. Each story is basically going to be seperate with the same sort of framing device and setup as this story:

Each story will have a different theme/fetish each time and a different demon of the same species changing a community or neighborhood to fit their specific fetish, offering the person or couple some sort agreement to completely take control of and rewrite their life, and then after the person rejects the offer they wander around the new “community” seeing its twisted delights become enthralled agree to the contract and transform to the demon’s desire. Maybe after a certain number of parts I could have the demon’s of each community eventually fighting for complete control of the world or something like that.

I’d love to hear your ideas for what kind of communities/kinks you’d love to see represented. My first story here is fairly tame, but Id be more than willing to go much darker. Any ideas welcome!

I read your first entry and I think that it’s definitely something to make into a series. In reading it and your vision of expanding it, the story reminds me of Angel: After the Fall. When Angel the TV series was canceled right as the story was beginning the Apocalypse, Joss Whedon continued the story as a comic book which reveals the rest of the story. The senior partners throw all of LA into hell and various demons control different sections of the city. I get the same image for your story: Happyton is a larger city where different demons oversee different communities within it. Whether you want the demons to fight over other sections is something you could do, but I personally like the non-fighting version of the story because it could allow you to explore the bigger demon who oversees everything and what they get out of it.

Again, being a fan of military/uniforms, I’d like to request a section of Happyton where people are molded into a police/fighting force.

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