Idea: Heads/Tails

Okay Kids find a gumball type dispenser, classic look, bold, no label, and in a completely odd place (bank of a stream, middle of a forest, someone out of place)

They pay and out comes a small pocket sized circular translucent plastic ‘tin’ with a novelty coin and paper.

One the paper it says “Magic Coin determine what a thing will be next with a flip” and further instructions.

The idea will be if they flip the coin for themselves heads will make them … well svengali or a dominator someone with strong vision, will and determination with hard handsome or sharp or diabolical intensity and insight. Tails will make them more cute but sympathetic. Not necessarily a top but a sharp eyed person able to get ahead and will good luck, instincts and fortune. The Tails makes you seem a loser but ALSO sympathetic and the longer someone feels sorry more likely to like and want to care touch and use you like cutey piggy.

Mental seduction by powerful gaze a leader, or obvious buttboy who you find cutely irrestible if not necesarily respectable or intimidating.

Interested? Further questions? Needs more?

This could be quite interesting.

Imagine, thanks to flips, a straight dumb jock who maybe likes older woman to control him becomes a smart gay man with charisma who enjoys playing with and turning others into subby boys. Hehe

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So I’ve been thinking more on the idea of a coin toss or die roll or escape room leading to changes in people.

The idea, as I said above, of a straight muscle jock becoming an intelligent and charismatic athletic gay man with a business savy really turns me on. Maybe though straight he isn’t homophobic, which could aid him in his new state. That and maybe his buddies become subby bottom boys for him.

I do wonder on some ideas fpr the transformation. Too bad there isnt a random generator for this. Lol

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How so? Could we make one?

you could write both outcomes, and do it like a cyoc story.
I have contemplated ding this several times, but if I do, I will probably publish it on CYOC.

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Share link if can complete