Idea - Health Class Hypno

It’s junior / senior year high school health class. The teacher goes over the perils of smoking, drinking, and drug use on the body. In great detail. Very great, scary detail.

The males of the class take this and freak out. Mostly cause they drink, smoke, and do drugs. They then approach their nerdy classmate - main character - and demand he look into ways to help them stop doing those things. They bully him into it.

He spends some days researching ideas, five or six. During lunch next week he reveals them. One of the ideas was hypnosis, though it was mostly a joke idea. Which is why the others choice of that was surprising. The main guy is ordered to research further in order to hypnotize them.

He starts researching it. He learns some things and practices it on a few of the guys. They go under in a light trance, which intrigues him.

More and more they get hypnotized. Deeper and deeper thdy go. He reduces their need and want to smoke, drink, and do drugs. He increases their submission, their horniess, their joy in showing off and playing around with each other and him. It gets to the point that every morning before school and evening after school he gets a blowjob from one of them. During lunch he hypnotizes them further. At some point even greater fun is had.

Side ideas

One of the classmates is a neighbor. Which means the main guy has easy access to him, and takes advantage of that fact.

Main guy’s father notices his studying and asks about it. The son exclaims he is studying hypnosis to help his classmates. The father laughs but says he us willing to be hypnotized, as work is stressful and so is life since his wife/mains mother died/left. The father goes unser, and he goes unser deep. The son has him excersizes at least 90 min each day and feel more confident, dominant with others. That said the father will feel more submissive, obedient, mellow with his son - and never mind any gay stuff he does. (Where thus goes depends on writer, hehe)

Just thought of it, been thinking on this a while, and so choose to share. Hehe


I like this. I’m going to save this prompt idea for a later story. Thanks!

How about massage therapy? Does it really help for our health?