Idea: Mysteriois Maze

The idea is that there is some sort of mysterious structure witg ever changing rooms. People find themselves caught in it and when, if, they get out they are changed. Some for the better, some for the worst, but changed. But even more the world changes so those effected fit in like they were always that way.

The benefit of this structure is that multiple groups can be written about with different rooms and changes.

Since this is what I like a somewhat average man gets transformed into a hot, sexy, intelligent and charismatic dominant and top gay man. Maybe he comss upon some who bullied him and others who were random. But they all become his.

Other options for other stories are fully welcome.

This idea is brought by certain other stories, including but not limited to the Game.

I think thats a hot idea. An opposite room, hidden desires room, the Ex’s room,… Good idea!
would love to od a trip down that “What-if”.

I’m planning a reboot to my stories The Game and Domination, tentatively named Domination’s Game: 25 Years Later. I’m not much into transformation themes but I might include a few.

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Yeah Thames, those ideas would totally fit. It would be an interesting way to go about it.

I also like the idea of the what if machine, with the idea of potentially transforming the life of someone who is down and out into say a gay dominant with money and power and subordinate submissive men, all thanks to certain traits and actions being guided towards making a better future.


Ooh Mafisto that sounds awesome. As a huge fan of those series I would totally enjoy seeing more of it.

Honestly, while I enjoy transformation when it comes to the main character getting better and subby characters getting say bubble butts and such I too don’t focus on transformation.

So yeah I totally like the idea of a maze where most people who have gone through it are mentally changed. Some, say the main character, become more dominant and charismatic, while others become more subby, needy, obedient.

But yeah cool on the whole new story set in the maze environment.