I'm looking for someone for Feedback and English correction of a story I'm writing

I’m Italian and I started writing a story. I need help correcting the text (phrases, verbs…).
Also, I need some feedback on what I’m writing.
The themes of the first chapter are: new job, dildo, jock and sex in the dressing room. In later chapters I will add: dildo, electro stimulation, enema, anal dilatation, fisting.
Now I’ve already written the first chapter in Italian and I have to translate it, maybe I’ll be able to finish it on Tuesday.

Thanks in advance.

It’s actually already published:

'New little job ’ by AndVer - Gay Kinky Stories

But maybe the author still appreciates help for additional chapters or even for improving the published story (I haven’t had the chance to read it myself yet, so this is in no way a comment about the story as it is, mind you!)

I just finished writing the second chapter, now I translate it into English.
Initially I was planning to write only three chapters for this storyline, but by writing the chapters the story is getting longer because there are many things that I am adding to the story. I think I’ll do at least 4 more chapters plus a summary of what happened after a few years.

The request for help is still accepted.
So if anyone would like to read and help me a little bit before publication please contact me, I’m also happy to hear feedback after publication.

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Have you found someone to help you yet?

Not yet :blush:

I’d be happy to read it and chat about it with you. Maybe I can help you out.

I sent you a message, but I don’t know if it reached you

Apologies. I am new to the site and still haven’t learned how to navigate around it. Trying to find your message…

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FOUND IT! :woozy_face:

I’ll read it tonight l and get back to you as soon as I can tomorrow.

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