Introducing GSS to others

There are times when I want to share this website with others. I figure the best way is to point to a particular story, not long, and that grabs the reader quickly. Usually I recommend Brain Feed.

I’m wondering if others have other suggestions for an initial story to hook a potential reader.

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That’s such a great introduction point. I think I’ve mentioned a couple of times that “Brain Feed” got me hooked on NCMC and the whole genre. It’s all @rubbrsome’s fault!

And yes, please share links to whatever you like on any of our sites. The visits are slowly declining recently, for whatever reason, and I’d love to see a bit more exposure of the sites.

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Declining? Damn, I link everything I post to here…I’ll try to post more old stuff on my Twitter and see if I can help some.

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Not sure what’s happening. But you can see for yourself, the stats are public:

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Weird, well I’ll chip in where I can!

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It’s probably just because it’s summer and people are off doing summer vacation type things. Unless I’m reading it wrong, that’s about when the decline started happening and it’s fairly minor. Before then, we were increasing fairly steadily. I find the “Line” graph a lot easier to read. The stacked graph doesn’t really give you a good idea.

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Well, I guess I made it sound more serious than it is. But the fact is that the hits are stagnating for quite a while. On the first 2-3 years of me hosting the site, I saw a constant and satisfying growth, but since about 2 years, it’s just stable.

My one and foremost goal to take over the world seems to be out of reach… :cry:

Also: Market Share, Revenue and Traffic Analytics | Similarweb

This is not really too accurate (I wonder how they collect the data…) but it serves to make companies getting aware of our sites.


I usually recommend GSS’ stories depending on the preferences of the other person. Unfortunately I don’t have any account where I can recommend stories from. It’d be nice if there was one, though :blush: Like one of those chanels where they recommend Sci-Fi or Fantasy novels, but with MC instead :grin:

That’s so cool by the way! The stats seem to be steady, yes. That’s not bad, but it’s true that it doesn’t help with the plans of taking over the world.

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