Is Gay Spiral Stories updating?

There are usually at least one or two new stories every day, but nothing new has shown up for me in more than a week now.

Hel;p! I’m in withdrawal!

Scroll down. There are two pinned stories at the top, but under that, new stories have been posted for the past week.

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Thanks for that. I’ve been pretty scatterbrained the last few days. The green stars still aren’t showing, though.

Martin made an update. You should see a faint green background behind new stories now.

Is the green background showing up to you properly? Or is it too subtle?

I changed this because of a feature request, the star was just cluttering the UI more. The green background, at least to me, is less intrusive and it’s easier to spot what’s new.

As a matter of fact, we have had a crazy amount of new stories being submitted in the last couple of days. They are SO MANY that I started to slow down the approval process slightly, to spread them out a bit. Otherwise, the stories would scroll down way too fast.

Scroll down the list a bit further, so you don’t miss stories you might have overlooked already.

All the more reason to become a supporter of the site! When you’re a supporter of the site you receive an email each time a new story (or new chapter) is posted (as well as emails when someone responds to your comments). If you’ve not noticed anything new then you are missing out - there has been plenty this week. When I think of all the enjoyment I’ve received over the years and the conversations I’ve had with the people here, I think a monthly contribution is well worth it!


All of this!

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Well said @nycboot ! I agree wholeheartedly.