JavaScript problem that actually doesn't exist + others

Hello again.

I have another suggestion and mainly some questions about this picture:

  1. From time to time, GSS website starts posting the weird banner about Java Script. I have JavaScript allowed. I don’t switch it off. So I absolutely don’t understand why the site thinks I turned JS off. This is particularly annoying.

  2. I KNOW that I have disabled the tags. It’s what I wanted, I don’t need to be constantly, on every single page, reminded of that. Is there a way to turn this banner off, forever?

  3. I also accept all cookies, I don’t mind. So I don’t want to see this banner again either (but I assume it’s connected to my point #1). :slight_smile:

This all happens while I am actually logged in. I would understand if I were just an anonymous guest, even though it would still be annoying.
When all three of those banners are visible, they take entire lower half of the screen (and only one - the smallest - can be X-ed off), I barely can see the search results or the stories I want.

  1. Suggestion - can you allow to disable more tags than 10? At least 15 or 20 would be cool.

  2. Suggestion - could you add a search option to only show stories with hot/cum/mind/writing/idea mark? That would be even better than cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance. :slight_smile:

That’s interesting that you see this. It could happen if your internet connection is very slow. Does the message disappear by itself or what do you have to do to get rid of it?

If you click that x button once, the tag reminder should disappear for good (for the current session). Does that not work for you?

Same for the cookie warning. If you click it away with the x button, it should stay away for good.

It could be a problem if you set your browser to disallow ANY kind of cookies, even local non-persistent session cookies. That’s a setting that would basically break GSS and about any other site.

If you disable persistent cookies (or use the browser’s incognito mode), then the cookie warning will keep reappearing each time you visit the site. There is really no good reason to use incognito mode on GSS, as we don’t use any advertisement or tracking cookies whatsoever.

To your suggestions:

  1. I already increased it to 10 tags (it was 6 originally). You want to block THAT many tags? I always saw that as a tool for some really problematic tags like “scat” or “teens”. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to block more than 10 tags…

  2. That’s actually something I explicitly don’t want to do. Because there are loads of great stories which just have not enough ratings to get badges or which just barely failed to get them even though they’re really great. And as much as I like the rating system, I always have the bad feeling that it puts many stories at a disadvantage.

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Yes, the JS messages disappear after several hours or days, usually. Basically during “next” session, they are most likely to be away. So far, they haven’t disappeared for cca two days and appear over any search I do, so at least three different sessions (testing purposes :grinning:). And I can’t do anything about them, that’s why I posted this topic. They’re indestructable. I would appreciate at least the X button to make the banner disappear. Also, I just checked my Chrome settings and JS is allowed for GSS. I also never use incognito mode.

It shouldn’t be a connection issue, I have 100/100 Mbps internet.

When the site works and doesn’t show me the cookies and JS banner, it STILL shows the tag filter banner, every single time, no matter what. I simply got used to see it by now. I close it sometimes, but mostly ignore it, it’s small and blue…

And YES, there’s a lot of tags to block, actually. I now block these ones:
cigar, bear, chubby, piss slave, bestiality, shit, scat, diapers, humiliation, dog

And I would like to block those (I picked all of them right now under just one search, with the 10 above already blocked, in results for a tag #drugged, and they’re definitely not all :grinning:):
armpits, beastman, collar, age progression, hairy, cock shrink, piss, farting, muscle growth, daddy.

There’s actually many tags I think many people would like to block. I don’t see any reason to limit this option to any number, actually. But if there’s a number, it should really be bigger.

And I understand the fifth point, I was aware that this was probably the reason why you haven’t implemented it. I still think it would be great, but I see your point and respect it.

First, does ANYone else have issues like that?

Secondly, you seem to use Chrome. Could you please press F12 to open the developer console and check out the “console” tab? Is there anything written in the console in RED? That would indicate an error and could explain your issues.

This is most certainly not normal and not desired!

I’ll increase the number of blockable tags for you… :slight_smile: The number is limited for performance purposes and also because I actually wanted to restrict people to block only what is absolutely unacceptable to them. Because some authors use tags quite heavily, a story might be about smooth twinks but having one hairy daddy type in it, too, so you’d never see that story if you block “hairy” or “daddy”. I think blocking these is usually not helpful.

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