Looking for a vampire story

I’m wondering if anyone can help me find a story I read a long time ago. It’s kind of mind-control vampire story that takes place in a college dorm. I’ll try to describe what I remember.

The narrator is a college student who lives in the dorm. The guys live two to a room. At the start he talks about a couple friends of his in nearby room who recently haven’t been very sociable after this one strange new guy moved in. They just stay in their room. It’s kind of the first hint that something is up that the narrator is oblivious to.

Then one night he comes home and finds his own roommate laying on the bed and the weird dorm resident is kind of perched up on his pillow or curled up at the roommate’s head. I think the roommate is in a trance and jerking off.

The narrator goes to his own bed and lays down, curiously not concerned. The strange guy has him in a trance I guess. I want to say the roommate cums and the strange guy slithers down and consumes it, or he consumes the guy’s energy when he cums. Either way once he’s done feeding from the roommate he comes over to the narrator’s bed and does the same.

Night after night hes adding to the guys on the dormitory floor that he feeds on. They all kind of lay on their beds and wait for him to come to their rooms. And they can feel each other thru him. They can feel as the first guy cum, and then he second, and so on.

If anyone knows what story this is or can give me help in finding it I’d appreciate it.

That sounds a lot like Wrestlr’s wonderful “Symbiosis” (which he co-wrote with Para*Psyte).