Looking for a writer

How about a section where we can look for a certain type of writer to do a story? Maybe even as a commission?

You can post requests like this just in the category “Authors & Readers”. If there’d be so many requests, I’d consider to make a separate category.

If you don’t want to post your story line openly for everyone to see, I’d recommend just asking for somebody who’d be willing to write a story with the general theme. Once you’ve found someone, you’d discuss the details using private posts.

what did you have in mind? Someone reading this might have an idea.

My idea was a well built, zero interest non jock who gets converted into a mindless football jock over time as he is coaxed into putting on a piece of gear at a time. At first just a jock strap, then compression shorts & a short sleeve compression shirt. He gets used to talking to jocks & perhaps attending occasional local team games. Then it moves to long tights & long sleeve compression shirt with a padded girdle, football pants, sock & cleats. Mentally he has lost interest in anything that is not football related & his reduced vocabulary includes heavy use of duh & bro & dude. Once he is wearing shoulder pads & jersey, he is watching football 24/7, has IQ of a turnip, often drooling when he isn’t mumbling something, spends free time working out (in uniform of course) with other guys, he is always in gear & wears it out in public (when he is smart enough to go out without getting lost). Lastly, he gets his helmet which includes a mirror visor & mouthguard. Guess he is ready for his first game right now?

Somebody asked about “race oriented” stories. This lends itself in that non jock could be a white supremist. Either “Coach” or Team Captain (whoever is working on him) is black. While this conversion happens a secondary conversion from a white supremist to a locker room bitch serving all those black guys could occur. This one really could have a lot of rough & raunchy sex in it.

Both versions would be cool to have.

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that sounds conventional and hot. Like something that could almost happen. I’m European and not native tolcal colloquialisms or Football but I should think someone on here would be. May I ask why you dont write it yourself and have someone format it or refine it for you? This is a site to explore in all ways. Looks like you have it down and just need 500 more words to express it.

Another idea I have is a robot transformation story. A guy goes to Latowski to be fitted for a chastity belt. He gets an “instructional” DVD to watch when he gets home. It forces him to watch same disk over & over for several weeks. When belt arrives, he eagerly puts it on. About a week later, a full body suit arrives which he instinctively puts on. He briefly removes belt, slips suit on then belt is fastened back in place. Suit has attached socks & gloves. Also included in package is a container of gel which is supposed to be used as a sterilizing cleaner twice a day. What really happens is when gel gets squirted into belt, it really gets absorbed into skin. Gel also has lots of nanites in it which also get absorbed into skin. Slowly nanities convert human host into a cyborg. It would be a blend of stainless steel & rubber look. After about a month or two of this, last package arrives which is a special matching helmet which victim puts on. Helmet attaches itself to head & blends in with rest of suit created so far, completing robot conversion.

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