Looking for feedback on future story ideas

While the Tom and Phil series that I’ve been working on is more or less “locked in” in terms of where things are going, I do have a few questions for everyone that are related. I’m trying to iron out specific things that I am finding harder for me to personally develop/ narrate well and would love your feedback.

Just as a forewarning, most of my stories include different variations of tentacle “Body Snatcher” esque aliens overpowering and taking control of men in very sexual ways. I know that everyone’s tea tastes different and I wanted to give a wary “heads up”.

So my question is this. Most of my stories involve the alien creature encountering men and directly coming into contact with them(Actually all of my current stories on GSMC have that.) but I am wanting to do more with the idea of these creatures spreading via person to person in future stories. This however presents the problem of “How?”. I’ve only ever written one scenario in Jon the Hunter(Hunted) where someone transfers a creature from one person to the other. I’d like to do it more often, but there doesn’t seem to be many ways to make it happen without myself suspending my disbelief for too long. I’m one of those people. So I guess the question is, what are some different ways you can see it happening?

These creatures work in very specific ways in my head, and even though I might not give everything away in the writing I try to make sure that it makes sense. Let me know what kind of interactions you’d like to see in the future as well! I’m open pretty much anything. I kind of want to know where people think I could go with these creatures, what they find attractive about them if anything? What would make them more interesting?

I don’t plan for all of my stories to be about them, but for the foreseeable future they are a focus.

And, of course, thank you all for taking the time out of your day to even read my stories. Hell, this post even. As I said, I acknowledge that its not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but I appreciate that some of you enjoy the aroma. Cheers.


Gee, just reading your message made me aroused. :slight_smile: To answer your question, I’m drawing upon stories and mediocre science fiction films of the 1950s.

  1. Person consciously gives the tentacled creature to another person - as in your Jon the Hunter story.
  2. Person unconsciously gives the tentacled creature (while asleep - think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
  3. Person can give a fragment of a tentacle to suck on - and the sucking action can make the creature grow - or the creature grows by absorbing saliva from the guy sucking on the tentacles.
  4. In part 8 of Pollination, one of the characters is pinned down by the plant that then takes over - that could be a really hot scene with tentacles
  5. Maybe something more psychological, where the victim thinks the tentacles are trying to strangle him, but somehow they get to his brain and he realizes that he has to become like the tentacles and take down others.

Hope this provides some fodder for your imagination!

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I haven’t retained your story. Is maybe a disguised gift? Another might me by a carrier who does massages?
Then there is the hottub scenario. A warm wet environment favors them?
They (host w/creature) rest and wait in a hot tub. Tendrils extending in warmth. Under bubbles. Invited lured by a shiny and charming host. Not even sexual persay just likable attractive. Through the water it works.
1st reads the initial chemical factors suffusing in shared water. then there is touch, hidden by the warmth and agitation, maybe hosts drawing away attention. Suckle to draw blood through skin over wide area with some agent to mitigate swelling/scars? If compatible invade while splash fight or other host activity covers maybe wrestle? Just thoughts

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@Darmani I love both of those scenarios! Although your comment has reminded me to elaborate a little as to how the creatures work.

Essentially these creatures are squid/ starfish like when in full form(think of the creature in the movie ‘Life’), they reproduce asexually through human males as they need their dna in order to fertilize eggs. Ive come up with many variations and different types of the creature beyond this, but all of them do relatively the same thing visually. The process normally includes a worm, either an offspring of the creature or a biomechanical drone, entering a human through the anal canal, or down the throat. The worm then travels into the humans midsection(belly) where it stays and performs its function. In the first story for Tom and Phil, the worm was simply an organ that the creature implanted to quickly generate large amounts of semen. But in Jon the Hunter, it is the mind of the creature itself, and reproduces inside of Jon while also taking control of him.

The creatures either overpower the human male and directly put the worm/ eggs inside of them(ala Jon the Hunter) or the worms themselves penetrate them when they are vulnerable.(ala Part 1 & 2 of Phil and Tom.) Or a human can transfer the creature/ worm via direct contact. (This is the one im struggling with.)

The process of being implanted is not supposed to be a painful one, and is intended to do no harm. Both because that would bother me, and because in my head these creatures don’t want to harm their hosts in any physical way. Ive also rationalized that that is why most of the men in these stories are on the chubbier side. I have a shameless belly fetish, but in my head it makes sense cause these men wouldn’t be as harmed by the process, seeming as they already have bellies.

I like the idea of having almost a vat of them waiting for someone suitable to get in.

@nycboot I have been looking up on all of those as I go. Pollination is a trip. Gives me ideas. Along with the others.

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I tend to put stories through zamzar and then turn them to audio books so I can fall asleep listening to them. I recently reacquainted myself with your series @fiddlerbear
Now I’m not remembering everything clearly. But if I understand correctly the monsters are actually quite large. If I may?
I do have something that might work for a person-to-person contact. You say that these things inhabit the belly correct?

And they want to get to the belly?

Well what if while they’re incubating they can do something to the physiology of the host. So let’s say they, I know this is a cliche, alter skin to make hosts priduce a nice scent that makes them easy to like or - this is more RPG esch - but they up theor hosts’ Charisma Factor, making them very good at interacting with others via holistic internal alteration. Futz with certain pieces of the brain make sure that their subscripting or admitting a certain chemical that ariats. Make it so that all the nerves in their face are very expressive along with their eyes. It’s all subtle things that create a better package that make them way more likeable to those of their species.
But the big thing is that when they press against someone they can introduce a kind of secretion or chemical factor that makes things better for their host and now smooch buddy.
this might end up making them hairier or have more beautiful smoother skin. At the very least they might help increase the number of …well there are these cells that supposedly fetus produce when they’re in the mother that are shared and help renew or at least take some of the strain and damage that pregnancy causes. Let’s say that the parasites or whatever we want to call them produce a smarter alien version of these… They go around and they help alter and better their host. When the host is in contact with another viable host they secreye oil with these cells and other factors through skin

If you want a visual key or tell for this have the starfish or whatever outline of the thing come to the top of the belly skin taunting it just below the surface.
And what is it go out of and then into? Well almost every human has a vestigial orifice that has long since closed from when they were gestating. Direct belly-to-belly transfer. The cells or the Slime or the factor or whatever you want to call it is altering and repurposing to create a new connection through the abandoned umbilical orifice, belly button. They can then transfer from one navel to another.
Though if I’m going to create some sense of reason to this I prefer it take a bit for the targets to be pepped for entrance

Maybe the masseuse goes into something of a trance. he remembers going out and buying or mixing their own special oil. But really while he’s sleeping in his own mind the parasite is in fact secreting and mixing the oil themselves with his body?
I’m not sure if there’s a casual encounter or someone would be belly-to-belly so that the creature could emerge to the surface just underneath the epidermal layer poked out a tendril or arm from their altered and reconstructed navel passage so that that way they can go to the belly of the new Target.

I’m not sure if that would work with the hot tub scenario. I wanted something that was something a bit casual without being deliberately sexual from the get-go.
Then again we could just go with the idea that I had for the hot tub being semi prepared.

So while they’re resting in it they flood the tub with the secretion and then cover it with foam so that it doesn’t look weird. The person gets in and it feels different, thicker or not like other hot agitated waters. then the guy, the hosto, they are all like

“oh yeah I know it feels different and the water looks kind of brownish but it’s actually healthier. it’s filled with all sorts of nice oils and chemicals that help rejuvenate the skin.” They lift up an arm and then show their fresh clear skin and then turn and so on.
This helps sell the different feel and they chalk up any new or different Sensations that they can feel due to the admitted added chemicals/salts in the water. In order to make it a quote un quote hhealthier rejuvenating bathe. Or we could just cheat and go with a mud bath. Either way.

Then they connect belly-to-belly they do a little Mutual belly rubbing and The Sensation is invasive but great much like someone playing with your navel if it’s sensitive but not painful. Even the entrance feels new but kind of pleasurable ticklish or amazing. I imagine the target is overwhelmed by the sensation like they’re getting a sudden Rush from like sugar or some other substance or sensation. Presumably the entire experience is messing with their mind from the moment that they sit in the chemicals which are not just making their skin better but feel good along with the various sensations of the hot tub tickling your zones and skin, just right to baby’s bottom. It just feels nice. When the thing enters and injects that also feels nice especially as it may be pumping other things inside.
When they emerge they may feel that their skin is tighter or smoother nothing feels as saggy or dumpy. Even if they’re still thick or fat or what have you. Their skin just feels excited and tingly as if contact and touch feels amazing even the air and especially better against another person.
They probably don’t notice the extra bump underneath or around their belly. And even if they do they might chalk it up to something. A bath salts shard, or an allergic reaction. The bump goes down over time and they find themselves in a bit of a groovy frisky state. Maybe they go back to their mate or their room or something. The infiltration might be quicker but the Takeover might be more gradual? It’s just something I’ve been working out while I’m speaking out loud

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Can I just say @FiddlerBear, I love your stories!

Cuz I’m a sucker for a kind Dom, ever thought about a human kinda falling in love with one of the creatures, and vice versa? Loving the sexual contact he has with the alien creature and taking care of him? He would want to spread the alien worms. Just a thought!

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@JamieTi684 Actually yes! One of the ideas ive had brewing since I posted this is the idea of almost an origin story where the creature crashes on earth and is discovered by a college student in his mid 20’s. General idea is that the guy becomes enamored with the creature and helps it implant/infect others. Him being too physically unfit for the creature to implant, so it settles for telepathy.

*edit. Have also been thinking about whether it would be interesting if these guys didn’t have to transfer the creature internally, through touch, and instead had them being carried around on them in some way. Would make writing easier sometimes.

I guess another question I have is whether people are responding to the sexual scenes between the creatures and these men? Is the aesthetic appealing in the slightest?

For me the sexual zenith when writing these stories are the moments where the creature finally has the men subdued and is implanting them with embryos/symbiotes. The image of their bellies expanding etc. Not trying to get to sexually explicit, just giving context.

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Even your description got me hard. Sexual zenith indeed. :slight_smile:

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Great! That’s a confidence boost i needed. Im kind of in a tennis match with two ideas for stories at the moment. One that’s a bit of a retcon of sorts, opening up new characters, creatures, and motives. The other is the continuation of Tom and Phils cliff hanger chapter. I needed a break from the Phil and Tom story and this new one seems more interesting to me right now. Im going to be making some mass edits on small continuity errors so things make sense in the future.

Hey there FiddlerBear - it’s been a while. The new GSS feature of “stories from the archive” reminded me of a story I felt was very hot, “The Lost Cave” by Hypnothrill. While I was getting my jollies re-reading that, it reminded me very much of your planned story of the boy and the alien plant. I was j/o all night thinking of how the plant would seduce the boy into feeding it his cum, how the boy would become enamored of the plant, and then the plant communicating with the boy that it needs more and more. I was just going crazy thinking of what was going on in the boy’s mind and how the plant was taking over.

Please go for it! If you don’t, I might be tempted to do something (but I would show/give it to you since the concept is absolutely yours).

Hope all is well!

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Hey there nycboot! It has been a while. Ive been on hiatus with graduation and a bunch of other personal events going on but I can assure you guys that im still working on things. The student story has been going through many many iterations, though I think ive finally settled on a more final version of that one. Ive been thinking about a lot of different stories and about just pushing one out for everyone on here to enjoy but, again, life has been busy. Id also rather not half ass any of them, which is probably how some would turn out right now.

If you guys want I can share some of the basic ideas that ive come up with, but I don’t want to give too much away. I need to be focusing on writing them rather than sharing them before they are finished.

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Experimented with them making the belly or sides actual erogenous or pleasure zones? Like feeling and sending sensations to the head as if taking over or adding to the activity in the brains. Even opens to wordplay acting off your new more sensual guts

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