Looking for fics

so i am looking for fics from a specific subtype of “straight to gay” that involve men gettting the straight fucked out of them…IE. the conversion happens due to or during sex.

In what is a very rare occurence as I’m not usually one for self-publicity, I’m going to suggest having a read of some my stories.

Ad Tales are kind of that theme, but Caught at the Cruising Spot might be more what you’re looking for.

Outwith my stories and of the top of my head, Kota Cock series might be suitable, or if you want some feminisation, Naedre’s Tales from Campus is very good.

How awful. Just a warning to anyone clicking on the link, it’s literally the opposite of what the OP asked for and has straight sex to top it all off.

I’m really sorry. I totally misread that. I had a total brain fart, sorry

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I appreciate the plug for my Tales from Campus series (actually 3 unrelated anthology stories split into 2 series and 7 chapters. Organizationally a mess.) I would think the cheerleader 4-parter of that series would best fit the prompt, seen here. 'Tales from Campus - Cheer Base' by Naedre - Gay Spiral Stories

I have a few suggestions of my own:

Secret Sauna, a gay guy talks a straight guy into oral and then anal, but the sex has side effects: 'The Secret Sauna' by Dreamweavr - Gay Spiral Stories

A ton of good stuff by Baralai. In this one, the actual conversion happens via sex-toys, before the actual sex with a guy, but still amazing: 'Enforcer: Interogation' by Baralai - Gay Spiral Stories

In this one, unclear how much the main character is actually “converted” afterwards, but he is seduced and bitched by his brother’s friend and loves it: 'One of the Lads' by T.K.Summer - Gay Spiral Stories

Another “straight guy tries something gay and loves it” story, this time assisted by a drug. 'Learning Something New' by QuinnDnvr - Gay Spiral Stories

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I second Baralai. I LOVE Enforcer. But Bad Pharma is just as hot, and might be an even better fit for what you’re looking for.

Sorry for being late to this thread. Just saw the dates. :sweat_smile: