Looking for missing story!

Hey all. I’m looking for a story that was part of the Fallen Heroes story competition. It was about this guy who is an actor for a teen TV series. He has scenes with the young new actor who was given a book to hypnotize himself. Whenever the young actor said “SHOWTIME”, he basically “ACTS” as his character. The older guy basically reverses the trigger word, so whenever he says “showtime”, the young guy “acts” like his his straight self, but when he says “and scene”, the young “reverts” to is real self, which is now gay and in love with the older actor.

I’m sorry for the awful wording, but I loved this story, and would always read it for some “fun times”. Now I can’t find it anymore. I assume the author removed it. I was hoping to find out the title or authors name to try to find it again!

I think its called “the show must go on” or something like that. About a boy in a play? Maybe?

No, it’s not that one, though that is a good one. It was something like “Not Another Teen Show”. It was definitely in the Fallen Hero challenge.

Oh ok, not firmiliar. Im also looking for a story. I believe the story was called “the night i lost everything” or the “the worst night of my life”.
About a guy who loses his whole identity because a rival wanted his boyfriend. It had to do with a dtrange man and gaudy gold jewelry. Any ideas?