Looking for similar stories

My 3 favorite stories are The Making of a Jock Slut by Philip Faras and 2 by Jonathan Longhorn: Paul’s Possession and Domination of a Quarterback. None of these stories is completely finished. The ALL drive me wild.

The combination of jocks, muscles, sports, drugging, forced scenes and all with incredible detail take my breath away–especially if they are more believable.

Can anyone recommend any great stories/series that is like this??? BTW–if you haven’t read them…DO!!

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Well Jonathan Longhorn did post a few more stories but he mostly dropped the non-consensual and mind control/brainwashing aspects to his stories that you got in Paul’s Possession and Domination of a Quarterback. But if you liked his writing otherwise they might work.


I’d recommend checking out Stimle:


He focuses a lot on straight guys that get ‘turned’ by a combination of drugs and repeated insults that wear down their sense of self - like in Domination of a Quarterback. He occasionally writes things that have a bit of mind control but mostly not. ‘Outrageous Fortune’ is a good one of his although I think also not finished. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ is good too but is about police officers rather than jocks. His latest ‘Hardy Boys’ things have the innocent being corrupted aspect of Paul’s possession and have very little to do with their source material.

“BMOC Beat Down” by Cicero might also work for you.

He took most of his stories down to go pro and mostly posts new work at telemachus12.com these days.

Reynard…PERFECT man–exactly the kinds of stories and ‘entrapment’ details that drive me nuts! I really appreciate your answer–I guess I need to learn to use search features more effectively. Thanks for your suggestions…looks like I have more great material for some serious stroking! There’s something that really hits a chord with me about drugging as a way to control someone, first physically, then mentally.

Thanks again.

Try Max Potter’s I Hate My Master, one of my all time favorite.

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