Looking for story: Jock roommate swallows to get smarter

I’ve tried looking for the search tags but I’m having trouble looking for a story I read maybe a few months ago. To be honest, I’m not entirely certain its on Gay Spiral stories either.
Its about A jock that somehow gets it into his mind that swallowing the cum of his smarter roommate makes his smarter and he can pass his exams. Eventually he gets three of his jock buddies to suck off and swallow the roommate.

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That’s really hot, but I’m not sure if its a real story; you might actually be thinking of this thread (from comment 4 onwards) on GSS where we talked about this concept. If it IS a real story, I’d love to read it if you find a link!

I think the one you’re looking for is called Dumb Jocks on Literotica.

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Thats the one. Thank you for the info :smiley: Much appreciated!


You’re welcome dude. It’s a really good story :wink: