Looking for story suggestions: Wife/Gf wants the man to be gay or bi?

I’m looking for stories where the wife or g/f wants her man to be gay or bi. Maybe she thinks he is and he’s in denial and she wants him to be happy, or something positive.

Any suggestions?

There are a couple of stories that tell of a married couple where the wife ultimately gets another man who turns the husband into a gay man or slave. Is that the kind of thing you’re seeking?

It depends a little on what you mean by “wants him to be happy”. The two I can think of off the top of my head both share the theme of the girlfriend being happy to see her boyfriend turned gay, but more as a revenge thing, and much less as a “helping him come out and be happy with himself as a person” type of motivation.

The first is from Tkhon here:

And the other is on mcstories


Unfortunately that second one never continued, it seems that there was initially a plan for a series involving straight men turned speedo clad gay pornstars, but alas.

I feel like I read one fairly recently where a wife or girlfriend who believes her man is closeted sends him to a club where he “turns”, so he can be happier.

I thought this was it, but that’s not the motivation in the end:

I recall reading a story many years back where a subby straight guy is attacked, roughed up, and left in an interesting (and hardcore) bondage situation. He was delivered over to a gay master who was supposed to assist him getting out of his restraints which involved shaving his body to reveal the combo to the lock on his buttplug and so on until he was “free”, only to be disturbed that his ass didn’t close all the way after finally getting the giant plug out. So the master agrees to keep him on for a bit and “train” his ass back to tightness - which of course is really just training him to enjoy anal.

In the end it’s revealed that his female dom realized he was gay and arranged this so the sub could finally get out of the closet and be happy (which he was, with his new master).

No idea what the name of the story was or even what site I read it on.

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